Mr. Yunlong Zhang, Chairman of Xinhai Mining, Was Specially Appointed as an Expert Academician of the Magnetoelectric Strategic Alliance

2023-08-10 Xinhai Views (626)

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On August 6, Mr. Yunlong Zhang, chairman of Xinhai Mining, attended the 2023 Annual Conference of Magnetoelectric and Low-Temperature Superconducting Application Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance and 5th Think Tank Forum of Shandong Innovation Driven Development Conference respectively in Linqu, Shandong.

Xinhai Mining formally joined the Magnetoelectric Strategic Alliance, and Chairman Mr. Yunlong Zhang was specially appointed as an expert academician of the Alliance and delivered a speech. Xinhai Mining will give full play to the advantages of resource integration at home and abroad, and cooperate with the alliance to link the resource between the two parties and add new impetus to the development of the magnetoelectric technology industry!


(Academician Wang Zhaolian, chairman of the Alliance, issued a certificate to Academician Zhang Yunlong)

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012023 Annual Conference of Magnetoelectric Strategic Alliance

On August 6, the 2023 Annual Meeting of the Strategic Alliance for Magnetoelectricity and Low-Temperature Superconducting Application Industry Technology Innovation was successfully held in Linqu, Shandong. At the annual meeting, the alliance hired Zhang Yunlong, a foreign academician of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (AusIMM) and chairman of Xinhai Mining, as a special advisor to the expert committee, and academician Wang Zhaolian, chairman of the alliance, issued a certificate to academician Zhang Yunlong.





A total of more than 150 people attended the annual meeting, including leaders of the magnetoelectric industry association, professors, experts, representatives of alliance member units, and representatives of magnetic technology user companies at home and abroad, to discuss development plans. Mr. Yunlong Zhang actively communicated with the members of the alliance, conducted in-depth discussions on overcoming the bottleneck of industry development and key technical problems in the industry, and strived to contribute to the development of the industry through technical cooperation and innovation.

02Shandong Innovation Driven Development Conference—Think Tank Forum

The conference is a key brand project created by Shandong Science and Technology Association. The think tank forum precisely focuses on the high-quality development of services and effectively brings together high-end wisdom. More than 300 experts in the field of magnetic technology and mineral processing, comrades from relevant departments of cities and counties, Representatives of industry experts participated in this forum.


(Technical discussion)

Four academicians, Song Zhenqi, Zheng Tiemin, Zhang Yunlong, and Wang Zhaolian, conducted exchanges and discussions on the research and application of magnetic technology, and pointed out the key research and development directions for the magnetic technology research of related companies. Zhang Yunlong, chairman of Xinhai Mining and academician of the alliance, put forward the following two suggestions for the development of magnetic separation technology and equipment:


01 With the continuous development of high-end equipment, the market demand for high-purity metal iron powder is increasing, and new magnetic separation equipment is needed to separate high-purity iron. Xinhai Mining has developed a high-efficiency magnetic separator with low magnetic field strength for the purification of high-purity metal iron powder, which can separate and purify high-purity iron, and can also be used for the development of a large amount of coastal ilmenite.

02 For dry mineral separation, Xinhai Mining has developed a sonic vortex machine, which can completely replace wet magnetic separation with dry magnetic separation, and solve the problem of resource development in water-deficient areas. At the same time, the imported iron ore processing plant built near the port can use dry magnetic separation to realize tailless discharge of iron ore, and the dry tailings can be used as raw materials for cement plants.

03Vortex machine

Xinhai Mining's "sonic vortex mill machine" is the first "aeroacoustic" high-speed milling and drying equipment at home and abroad. Through ingenious mechanical design, the air can produce extreme vortex, extreme air pressure and sound pressure during milling , to pulverize and dry materials, suitable for most industries involving material processing, such as ore crushing, cement manufacturing, coal processing, waste recycling, grain processing and other industries.


In this forum, Zhang Yunlong, chairman of Xinhai Mining, discussed with academicians and experts on technology. He believed that we should focus on technological breakthroughs, make full use of magnetic technology to transform existing traditional industries, provide strong technical support for the realization of the dual carbon goal, and realize the traditional Industrial transformation and upgrading with high-quality development.


As the proposer and practitioner of "Turn-key Service for Mineral Processing Plant(EPC+M+O)", Xinhai Mining has developed into an international mining engineering service provider integrating industry resources. Specialized and institutionalized transformation has been carried out to support global mining customers in providing customized mining services including design and research (E), complete equipment manufacturing and procurement (P), installation, commissioning and delivery (C), mine management and operation (M+O)! By officially joining the Magnetoelectric Strategic Alliance, Xinhai Mining will also conduct in-depth technical cooperation with the alliance, contribute more to the innovation and development of the mining industry, and achieve resource sharing and win-win cooperation!



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