Xinhai Mining Fluorite Mineral Processing Projects in 2023!

2024-01-26 Xinhai Views (286)

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On the premise that the volume and price of fluorite are rising throughout the year, the development of fluorite mineral in 2024 is the key focus of mining companies. As a common non-metallic resource, fluorite is not only used in metallurgy, building materials, ceramics, glass and other industries. Following the development of science and technology, fluorite is also gradually used in various industries such as atomic energy, aerospace and aviation, and medical care. Its application scope is increasingly widely. Let’s take a look at Xinhai fluorite mineral beneficiation project completed in 2023!

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01Mongolia 800TPD fluorite mineral processing project

Mongolia fluorspar mine project

The 800tpd fluorite mineral beneficiation project in Mongolia is a full mining industry chain service project undertaken by Xinhai Mining, including mine design and research, mineral processing equipment manufacturing and procurement, mineral processing plant civil construction and installation, mine management and mine operation general contracting services. The raw ore in this project is mainly fluorite, followed by sulfur. The gangue minerals mainly include quartz, sericite, dolomite, etc. Among them, fluorite and quartz have a close symbiosis, and the aluminum-containing minerals affect the mineral processing indicators. Through mineral processing test analysis, Xinhai designed a suitable flotation process plan for it.

02Hunan 800TPD fluorite mineral flotation and mineral processing project

The project adopted Xinhai Mining one-stop " Turnkey Solution for Mineral Processing Plant (EPC+M+O)" service, covering mineral processing process design, equipment manufacturing and procurement, and on-site installation and commissioning. Through mineral processing test analysis, Xinhai designed a fluorite grinding-gravity classification process plan for it.

At present, the project is running stably, and the economic indicators and benefits of the processing plant have reached the customer's ideal and expected goals. The customer sent a "thank you letter" to Xinhai Mining Equipment, expressing his appreciation for the in place supervision work, meticulous professionalism and meticulous attitude of Xinhai Mining Equipment's technical engineers. A high sense of responsibility is commended.

03Inner Mongolia 700t/d fluorite mineral beneficiation project

flotation cell used for fluorite mineral processing

The Inner Mongolia 700t/d fluorite mineral beneficiation project is also an EPC+M+O service project undertaken by Xinhai Mining. The composition of the fluorite ore is simple, mainly fluorite, accompanied by quartz and calcite. Through mineral processing test analysis, Xinhai Mining finally designed two stages of crushing, one stage grinding and one flotation (one coarse and one sweep and seven fine beneficiation)-concentrate/tailings dehydration process flow. The required equipment mainly includes jaw crusher, cone crusher, circular vibrating screen, grid ball mill, spiral classifier, SF flotation machine, deep cone thickener, chamber filter press, etc.

In the end, the project's concentrate grade CaF2 reached 97.78%, with a recovery rate of 83.13%. It can produce nearly 100,000 tons of fluorite powder every year, and the plant processing benefits are considerable.

04Jiangxi 300TPD fluorite mineral flotation processing project

grinding machine in mineral flotation plant

Jiangxi 300TPD fluorite mineral flotation processing project is one of the important projects undertaken by Xinhai Mining. Xinhai Mining provided customized EPC+M+O services for the project, including research and design , complete sets of equipment manufacturing and procurement, debugging and delivery and engineering management. Through the beneficiation test analysis of the fluorite ore samples, we finally designed a coarse crushing-fine crushing-stage grinding-coarse separation-coarse concentrate for the concentrator. Regrinding-selection-fine sweeping process flow. The required equipment is mainly crushers, ball mills, flotation machines, high-efficiency mixing tanks, and thickeners.

The above is the fluorite mineral beneficiation project completed by Xinhai Mining in 23 years. Currently, Xinhai has a number of fluorspar ore projects under negotiation, and some projects are undergoing process design or mineral processing plant construction. In the future, Xinhai Mining will provide more customers with complete sets of fluorite ore beneficiation process solutions.



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