What is the Ore Engineering Procurement construction Service?

2015-06-15 Xinhai Views (1467)

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In China, there are little company of ore machine that can provide Ore Engineering Procurement construction Service. Yantai Xinahai Mining machinery manufacturer, the leader of EPC in our county, is the first company which work on Ore Engineering Procurement construction Service, and it has more than twenty years experience in EPCS. What is the EPC on earth? Then les have a rough idea of EPC from yantai xinhai EPC.The concrete content about Xinhai EPC is:ONE, Design ResearchThe main job in this part is to study the mineral composition, conduct the total design and figure design in each major after determining the recovery plan. At the same time, we provide consultation and relative contact activities for customers.TWO、Equipment manufacturingIts the central part of EPC. Due to its importance, xinhai company sets up to equipment manufacturing specially to make sure that the link is smooth.THREE、installation and debuggingXinhai has its own installation and debugging company, and there are four installation teams which have rich experience. Installation and debugging department is made of general director、installation teams、technical department and logistic security. General director is responsible for each section, and its responsible for customers connection and coordination. Installation teams include equipment installation class, power installation class、automation installation class and rubber installation class, and each department is responsible for their own installation job. Logistic security are generally made of warehouse keeper、the cook、translator and other person, to ensure the smooth progress of installation work.FOUR, Employee trainingIn order to guarantee production, staff must be familiar with mechanical equipments. So the last work in EPC is employee training. Xinhai company is faculty for debugging technical backbone of the team, for staff grasp relative skills in the shortest possible time.FIVE、Project HandoverWhen all jobs have finished, we will finish project handover with customers, after which factory could put into production.At present, the mining machinery is become more and more weak. In order to get new development, mining machinery manufacturers must work on services. The mining machinery market must develop to the direction of EPC in the future. So who can walk earlier and faster in EPC, who can get a place in the fierce competition of the mining machinery market



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