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Post-epidemic Era, Being Upstream “Made in China”!

As one of “Made in China”, Xinhai Mining against the current and made over-predicted performance during the epidemic. How did Xinhai Mining make it happen? The answers are like these.

08-12 2020


【Xinhai Mine Design Institute】Planning Reasonable Mines, And Focus on the Full Effect

Xinhai Mine Design Institute has the class B design qualification for metallurgical industry issued by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People’s Republic of China. It provided consultant service for over 2000 projects in China. It took part in over 200 design and construction projects of metallurgical mines, non-ferrous metal mines, gold mines, and nonmetal mines in over 90 countries and districts. It took part in near 30 design projects and over 20intent projects in only the first half-year of 2020.

07-17 2020


Xinhai Mining Mid-year Inventory Comes!

The year 2020 is full of challenges. When the epidemic came, Xinhai Mining displayed an unyielding spirit of struggle, moving forward with weight. In the second half of 2020, With the end of the domestic epidemic, the mining market is gradually picking up, Xinhai Mining will also seize this opportunity, continue to maintain a high fighting spirit, working tirelessly towards the established goals, facing the waves, continue to move forward, dream catching is still on the road! 0

07-06 2020


China (Shandong) Pilot Free Trade Zone Yantai District International Trade Center opens! The Wholly-owned subsidiary of Xinhai Mining Officially Settled In!

On the ceremony, the municipal leader granted the keys to the settling-in enterprises. Among them, the wholly-owned subsidiary of Xinhai Mining, the Xinhai Supply-chain Company (Xinlianhai for short) is on the list. The executive operations directors of Xinhai Mining, Mr Han Qingwang presented the ceremony on behave of Xinhai Mining.

06-24 2020


To Eliminate The Hidden Dangers And Build A Strong Line of Security, Xinhai Mining Is Acting!

The June this year is the 19th safety production month in China. The theme of this safety production month is to eliminate the hidden dangers and build a strong line of security. Xinhai Mining carries out activities to promote safety production by the leading of relative government department, and the safety production knowledge training, and organized the safety production knowledge study.

06-17 2020


【Xinhai Quality Management System】Serve Clients With High Quality, Hold Tight On Quality Management

Quality is the core of enterprise development. In over 20 years, Xinhai keeps on exploring the way of high-quality service, user-centric and innovative. To provide high-quality service and product to clients, Xinhai set up a complete quality management system, trying to satisfy and exceed the hope of clients.

06-03 2020


【Xinhai Case】Indonesia 700TPD Gold Pool Leaching Project

Indonesia consists of 17508 large and small islands between the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean. As one of the countries along the Belt and Road, Indonesia and China has a large cooperation area in infrastructure, and also becoming new partners in the mine industry.

05-22 2020


【Great News】Xinhai Mining Passed The ISO14001 Environment Management System and ISO45001 Occupational Health and Safety System Certifications

Recently, Xinhai passed ISO14001:2015 environment management system and ISO45001:2018 occupational health and safety system certifications. The scope of certifications is the environmental management activities and occupational health and safety activities for the relative department, office area, and workplace of mine equipment manufacturing (ball mill, flotation cell, agitation tank, and thickener).

04-30 2020


Close to Xinhai Mining’s Production and Shipping Line for the First Quarter of 2020!

Xinhai Mining, who has fully resumed productivity, is also running to full capacity, catching the schedule, carrying out the results, rushing the orders, busy delivery! Let's close to Xinhai Mining's production and shipping line for the first quarter of 2020!

04-28 2020


Innovation! Xinhai Mining New Breakthrough on Gold Processing Technology!

Xinhai Mining has a long-term commitment to the research and revolution on the gold processing method, technology, and equipment. Now Xinhai Mining has 28 kinds of innovative gold processing technologies. In the following, let’s learn about a part of Xinhai innovative gold processing technologies.

04-21 2020


【Xinhai Mine Research Institute】 Carry out Mineral Processing Experiment, And Create Efficiency In Technology Innovation

The efficiency of modern mine enterprises profits from advanced technology, while the advanced technology is reflected in the customized and reasonable technology flow and high-quality mine equipment.

04-08 2020