Magnetite Beneficiation Processing Line

2015-10-21 Xinhai Views (1285)

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Dashihe iron ore is a kind of lean magnetite, which comes from Anshan style deposit sedimentary morphism. The main metal ore is iron ore, containing a little of martite and hematite, and the main gangue mineral is quartz. The symbiotic morphology of gangue mineral and iron ore is simple and easy to be dissociated. the particle of magnetite is coarse and disseminates uniformly. Crystal grain size 0.062-0.5mm takes up 60%-70%, and 0.5-2.0mm is 10%-20%. Less than 0.062mm takes up about 10%. Valuable minerals and gangue minerals can be dissociated when the amount of -0.074mm ground ore takes up 75%-80%.

Now, the technological process of Daheshi iron ore beneficiation will be introduced. The crushing stage adopts three segments and one closed circuit. Gyratory crusher is used in coarse crushing, and standard cone ore is used in fine crushing. In this process, the biggest particle of raw ore of 1000mm is crushed to 12mm. The finely crushed ore uses two segments permanent magnetic cylindrical magnetic dry separator to do preconcentration for discarding the tailings, and the concentrated ore is transported into the ball mill. The flow chart of grinding and separating is stage grinding and stage separating. In this process, the first stage grinding adopts spiral classifier and the closed circuit system is composed with grinding mills.

The second stage grinding adopts high-frequency vibrating screen and the closed circuit system is composed with second grinding mills. The separation process includes three magnetic separatings, the first stage screening, one magnetic poly gravity separating and one stage tailings recovery for scavenging. After one magnetic separating, the concentrate comes from the first stage grinding product, and it is transported into the second magnetic separating after the second stage grinding. Next, the concentrate is screened by the high-frequency vibrating screen. Products above the screen are returned into the second stage grinding, and those below screen are transported into cleaning separator with the compound scintillating magnetic field. Concentrate enters into the third stage magnetic separating, and in this stage, the concentrate is the final product. Tailings in the first two stage magnetic separating are collected into tailings recovery machine, and the recovered concentrate comes back to the first magnetic separating.

The taste of raw ore processed by concentration plant is 26.23% And after the iron ore minerals process, the taste of iron concentrate reaches to 67.15%. The practical retrieving rate is 81.08%. Xinhai, a modern mining company, has been working on providing the most advanced and practical flow chart, high-efficiency energy-saving equipment, and high-qualified services to customers, trying his best to creating the largest profits for customers.



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