Suitable Equipment-the Key to Improving Taste of Magnetite

2015-10-22 Xinhai Views (1365)

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In the process of magnetite separation, the phenomenon of magnetite agglomeration easily happens among magnetite particles. The free cutting steel wire gangue and existed lean intergrowth are encapsulated in magnetite aggregate. But because of the magnetite inclusion, and mechanical inclusion, the taste of magnetite decreases in the separation process.

In the process of magnetite separation, magnetite ted and magnetite spectroscopy easily and quickly happen to magnetite minerals by eccentric layout rotation magnetite system dry selection machine, and the number of non-magnetite minerals that are encapsulated and included in magnetite minerals decreases obviously. The purpose is to achieve the high-efficiency separation between magnetite and non-magnetite minerals, as well as ensure the magnetite particles between fine fraction and coarse fraction can not churn. The taste of magnetite can be improved by adjusting corresponding technical parameters and structures. The amount of discarding tailings by the dry selection machine is 10%-30% more than that of common magnetite separator, and the taste of dry selection concentrate is improved by about 1.0%-8.7%. What should be mentioned is, when the material is finely crushed to less than 2mm, and the disseminated particle is coarse, dry separation concentrate whose taste is above 60% could be acquired directly. The cylinder of rotation magnetite system dry selection machine is heated because of created swirl, is easy to stick pot, and difficult to discharge the ore. Besides, conventional 360°rotation magnetite system dry selection machine should use a belt. The lateral of the belt is used to discharge ore, which makes magnetite materials easily enter into the place between media of belt and separation cylinder. magnetite minerals stick to the cylinder, and can not fall down automatically, which has a bad affection on separation after a long time and leads to rapid erosion of cylinder and belt. It affects the production seriously. Eccentric layout rotation magnetite system dry selection machine is a kind of equipment that is improved by Xin hai mining machinery aiming at the problems of convenient magnetite separator, and it contributes to avoiding the problems above.

The eccentric layout rotation magnetite system dry selection mechanism is used to the dry pre-separation of rich magnetite and lean magnetite before grinding, and the feed particle size is less than 30mm. The finer particle is, the better is separation result. In practice, it has an obvious effect on improving the taste of magnetite.



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