Unique Charm of Magnetite Dry Separator

2015-11-10 Xinhai Views (1511)

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Xinhai magnetite dry separator is the upgrade magnetite processing machine of a conventional magnetic roller and dry separator. When the grade is same even lower, under the condition of different properties of rich and lean magnetite, by adjusting corresponding technical parameters of the upgraded magnetite, it can throw more tail around 10% to 30% compared to the conventional magnetic roller or dry separator. This dry separator is an eccentric layout rotation magnetite dry separator. Here is a general introduction.

This dry separator solves problems of conventional rotating magnetic separator like eddy heating, easy ore-viscosity and hard ore-discharge made by the separating shell. The conventional one must use a belt to discharge ore, magnetic ore can easily go into the inner of the belt and the shell and it can not discharge ore automatically, it has a low separating effect, and the shell and belt will be worn quickly. This will greatly affect the production. In actual production, calculate each magnetite processing machine one million tons ore in one year, the eccentric layout rotation magnetite dry separator can screen 100 to 300 thousand tons of qualified dry tailings before grinding. Making the quantity of waste stone greatly reduced at the same time reduce concentration ratio and production cost and improve the productivity of each ball mill in each year by 100 to 300 thousand. If the cost of grinding, magnetic separating and tailing processing machine is thirty yuan per ton, each magnetite mining machine can reduce three to nine million yuan in each year. Under the same condition of the mining amount, the production of iron concentrate will improve accordingly.

Without the expansion of the plant and increase of investment in grinding equipment, roads, water supply and tailing disposal, using this Xinhai magnetic dry separator of magnetite mining machine almost does not increase electricity load and labor personnel and improve the efficiency of production and achieve significant economic and environmental benefit.



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