Introduction on the Iron Ore mining Process

2015-12-29 Xinhai Views (1833)

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At the moment, the iron ore mine mining process has become more and more mature. While we are concerning about the iron ore mine mining process at home, it is necessary to care about that abroad. This essay will introduce the iron ore mine mining process of a foreign mine hoping it will have reference effect on the iron ore mine mining processing at home.

The mining process of this foreign iron ore concentrator has a great suitability for the ore. Once iron ore concentration or twice concentration will depend on the type of the ore. When once concentration can get the needed grade, the second concentration groove will be used in the scavenging work to improve the mineral recovery rate. Roughing foam can become the final production by one or several rough grooves. Of course, it also depends on the iron ore mine production grade. The selection of middlings and scavenging foam pump will back to roughing, for there are large of foam flowing. Therefore, except for the scavenging through, all the iron ore mining cell are double size overflow weirs with squeegees.

For the difficulty of pumping foam of the iron ore mine, the foams of concentration and roughing adopt flowing automatically. Only the middlings (underflow of mining machine) will adopt pumping. in order to make a better ball, the rough concentration must be regrinding to below 325mu accounting for 75% to 85%. For the concentration regrinding makes more iron ore mine mineral dissociate, the lab stusy should be set out to determine the possibility of reducing the content of silica in the final pellet. The regrinding slurry in a stirred tank is heated to the boiling point and then carry out the mining, the product quality is obviously improved. In the process of iron ore mine mining, it is not necessary to take off the mud and add the pharmacy. In order to control the grade of the product, the arrangement of the iron ore mine mining machine has a considerable adaptability. The basic process has three parallel series and a sweeping series. Among every selection series, the one selection and the second selection have four iron ore mine process mining cells separately. The third mining has three mining cells. The concentration or the middlings of scavenging will be back to the concentration. At present, the process is also used washing tank to improve the grade of concentration. Washing tank production cost is low, but the control to the silica grade of it has great adaptability.

Currently, for the production of silica containing 5% iron concentrate, about 42% rough concentration will be processed by the washing groove and 22% rough concentration will be processed by the second way. The tailing of the iron ore mine mining will be abandoned and the iron ore mine loss rate of the operation is slightly more than 20%.

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