Ilmenite Combined Beneficiation Process and Electric Separation Method

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For ilmenite beneficiation, sometimes a single beneficiation method cannot recover useful components in the ore. Therefore, the ore dressing plant often combines multiple methods to improve the taste and recovery rate of the ore. The combined beneficiation produces better beneficiation effects. In current actual production, there are four main ilmenite combined beneficiation methods commonly used by mineral processing enterprises: magnetic-flotation, gravity-flotation, magnetic-gravity separation, and gravity-magnetic-flotation-electric separation. In production, the concentrator will also use electric separation to process ilmenite ore. The following will introduce you to the combined beneficiation method and electric separation method of ilmenite.

magnetic grinding processing project

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01Ilmenite magnetic separation + flotation combined method

When processing ilmenite, the recovery of fine particles is a difficult problem. In the mineral processing process, the flotation process can only recover ilmenite particles with a particle size less than 0.02mm to a certain extent. There are still many gangue minerals such as quartz in the concentrate powder after the flotation operation. These minerals It will seriously affect the efficiency of flotation operation. Therefore, the magnetic separation process needs to be arranged before the flotation operation. The combined process of magnetic separation + flotation can greatly improve the concentrate grade and the total concentrate recovery rate.

iron ore concentrate processing plant project

02Ilmenite gravity separation + flotation combined method

When processing ilmenite with a grade lower than 6%, the gravity separation + flotation process can be used to obtain good selection results. After gravity separation, the grade of the ilmenite obtained through this combined beneficiation method can be increased to more than 30%. After processes such as flotation and desulfurization, the grade of the titanium concentrate can be increased to 47%. At the same time, sulfur with a grade of up to 40% can be obtained. Therefore, the gravity separation + flotation combined process can improve resource utilization.

Shaking table of gravity separation workshop

03Ilmenite magnetic separation + gravity separation combined method

For sand titanium ore, a single gravity separation or magnetic separation process can be used to complete the selection operation, but the magnetic separation + gravity separation process can reduce production costs and increase benefits while ensuring recovery efficiency. Using this method, 50% concentrate grade and 80% recovery rate can be obtained.

04Ilmenite gravity+magnetic+flotation + electric separation combined method

If the gangue minerals in the ilmenite raw ore are mainly titanium pyroxene and plagioclase, and also contain sulfide, the gravity separation process can be used to remove the plagioclase, and then the flotation park can be used for desulfurization, and finally the Electroselection method to remove titanium pyroxene. After these treatments, the taste and utilization of the ore can be improved. This combined approach can also be used to process lower grade ilmenite ores.

Spiral chute classifying operation

05Ilmenite electro-separation method

The electric separation method is mainly used to process coarse concentrates containing non-conductive impurities that have been separated by gravity and magnetic separation. At present, the electric separation method has been widely used in ore beneficiation operations. When using electric separation method to process ilmenite, it is necessary to pay attention to the ore particle size should meet the requirements, otherwise it will affect the efficiency and quality of concentrate separation. Before electro-selection, the ore also needs to undergo pre-treatment processes such as heating and radiation irradiation. The grade of the concentrate obtained by electro-separation treatment can be increased to 45%-47%, and the recovery rate of the ore will also be improved.

Spiral chute shaking table gravity separation workshop

The above content is an introduction to the combined beneficiation method of ilmenite and electric separation. At present, gravity separation, flotation, electric separation, magnetic separation and other methods of ilmenite have been widely used. These mineral processing methods have their own scope of application, advantages and disadvantages. If a single application cannot obtain ideal mineral processing indicators, it is recommended to combine multiple mineral processing methods to improve the taste and quality of the ore. Xinhai Mining has more than 30 years of experience in ore beneficiation process design and equipment production. We can design the beneficiation process according to the characteristics of the ore itself, thereby improving the utilization rate of the ore and the recovery of the concentrate. If necessary, welcome to consult.



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