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01/ 03

【Xinhai Case】Laos 2000TPD Gold Processing Project

Xinhai provided the mineral processing EPC+M+O service for the Laos 2000tpd gold processing project. The processing flow adopted all-slime cyanide carbon slurry method (CIL).

02/ 03

【Xinhai Mining Mechanical Design institute】Focus on Equipment Customization, combined with solutions, energy-saving and efficient.

Xinhai Mechanical Design Institute focuses on the design and research of mineral processing equipment for over 20 years, who has required numerous technical achievements in the ball mill, the combination of KYF flotation cell and XCF flotation cell and updated high-efficiency thickener.

03/ 03

Xinhai Was Invited To Two Mining Technology Exchange Conference, Constantly Increasing Industry Influence!

Recently, Xinhai Mining with mineral processing EPC+M+O service successively appeared the 4th China Copper Industry Science and Technology Development Exchange Conference and China Cyanide Tailing Dealing and Comprehensive Utilization Technology Exchange Conference. Xinhai discussed the technology development result with peers and constantly increasing industry influence.

Xinhai: Gold Heap Leaching Process

2017-08-07 XinHai Views (53)

For decades, the heap leaching process has developed rapidly with the technical progress and innovation, and a lot of experience and knowledge have been accumulated in the design.It has the advantages of small investment, low cost, short construction time and less production, so it has been widely spread in the world.

Machines Used in Copper Mineral Processing

2017-05-03 XinHai Views (42)

The working condition of a processing plant is constant and choosing the best processing solutions is related to the ore nature. Taking Jiangxi Dexing copper mineral processing as an example.

Xinhai Improvement of Phosphate Mining in South Africa

2017-04-01 XinHai Views (49)

Phosphate is a kind of important biological element constituting the cell of animals and plants. South Africa is a big country producing phosphate, there is a rapid growth trend of the demand for phosphate fertilizer in recent years because of the further agricultural development.

1,200t/d Gold Processing EPC Project in Cambodia

2017-03-09 XinHai Views (43)

1,200t/d gold ore mineral processing plant in Cambodia was completely contracted by Xinhai.

Mineral Processing Test and Study on Gold antimony Ore in Golmud

2017-03-09 XinHai Views (45)

Entrusted by the owner in QInghai, Shandong Xinhai Mining Technology & Equipment Inc. carried out mineral processing test and study on the gold-antimony ore.

2,500t/d Gold Tailings Flotation Processing Plant Design in North Korea

2017-03-09 XinHai Views (44)

More than 10 million of gold tailings were stored in the tailing pond in North Korea. The average gold grade of the tailings was 1g/t, and the recoverable valuable element was gold.

700t/d Gold Processing EPC Project of Chemaden in Zimbabwe

2017-03-09 XinHai Views (51)

700t/d gold ore mineral processing plant in Zimbabwe was contracted by Xinhai. The plant adopted the CIL technological process.

70,000 t/a Environmental Management Project & Cyanide-Bearing Tailings Processing Plant Project In Têwo, Gansu

2017-03-09 XinHai Views (43)

There was a gold mine in Têwo which had been small-scale mined, and processed by stacking and heap leaching for a long term.

50,000t/a Gold Processing EPC Project in Tanzania

2017-03-09 XinHai Views (54)

The ore body of Tanzania gold mine was mainly gold-bearing quartz vein. Xinhai Mining Technology & Equipment Inc.

700t/d Gold Processing EPC Project of Alitimad in Sudan

2017-03-09 XinHai Views (47)

700t/d gold ore project of Alitimad was one of the EPC projects contracted by Xinhai. Xinhai provided whole mineral processing plant service

1,200t/d Gold Processing Project of Bulsowa in Tanzania

2017-03-09 XinHai Views (52)

1,200t/d mineral processing plant of Bulsowa in Tanzania was an EPC project contracted by Xinhai, Xinhai provided thickening, leaching, desorption and electrowinning equipment, including electric instrument, pipeline, technological structure, and other installation engineering.

2,000t/d Silver-Manganese Ore Processing EPC Project in Inner Mongolia

2017-03-09 XinHai Views (48)

For the silver-manganese ore of Inner Mongolia, the design capacity was 2000t/d, and the processing product was mainly silver concentrate.