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  • 01/ 03

    What Factors Affect Gold Ore Heap Leaching Process?

    The gold ore heap leaching process is a mineral processing process with a lower cost than conventional cyanide gold extraction, a simpler process, and quicker results. This process is widely used in mineral processing plants. There are many influencing factors in the process of gold ore heap leaching. In actual production, it can only be blamed that if it is not controlled well, it will directly lead to a decline in the beneficiation index and affect economic benefits. The following will introduce ten factors that affect the gold ore heap leaching process.

  • 02/ 03

    Barite Mineral Beneficiation Technology

    With the gradual depletion of single-type barite mines, barite minerals associated with other metal ores and non-metallic minerals have become the focus of barite development. The associated components of these barite minerals are complex and closely related. It is also more complicated. This article will take you to understand the common barite beneficiation processing technology.

  • 03/ 03

    Zimbabwe 2 Million TPA Spodumene Ore Beneficiation Process

    Recently, the Zimbabwe 2 Million TPA Spodumene Ore Processing Project undertaken by Xinhai Mining has successfully entered the stage of trial production, which took only one year. Xinhai Mining signed a contract with Sinomine Resources in June 2022. This project is the "Turn-key Service for Mineral Processing Plant (EPC+M+O)" project undertaken by Xinhai Mining, providing research and design, and complete equipment manufacturing and procurement, commissioning and delivery, mine management and operation and other services.