What Are the Factors That Affect the Separation Effect of Spiral Chute Machine?

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The spiral chute machine is a kind of gravity separation equipment that can realize the separation of light and heavy minerals by using the inertia centrifugal force generated in the spiral rotary motion of the pulp. The spiral chute machine has the advantages of large processing capacity, low operation cost, and convenient maintenance. However, in the production process, there will also be unstable sorting efficiency. We will take you to understand several factors that affect the sorting effect of spiral chutes.

spiral chute machine

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01Feeding ore property

1. Ore size

The grain size has an obvious influence on the product index. If the ore particle size is too coarse, the concentrate grade will be reduced. If the ore particle size is too fine, the slime content will be more, and the pulp will become sticky, which will affect the separation index. Therefore, the pre-selection and classification of materials are conducive to improving the selection effect of the spiral chute machine.

2. Selected material density

The spiral chute machine is mainly separated according to the different density differences of minerals, so the greater the density difference of the selected material, the more favorable the separation.

3. Shape of material particles

The shape of the material particles will affect the running speed of the minerals in the spiral chute machine. The flake and polygon particles are easier to enter the selected zone than the round particles. When the shape of useful heavy minerals is mostly flake or polygon, and gangue minerals are round, the movement speed of heavy minerals is slow, which is beneficial to stratification and sedimentation, so as to improve the sorting efficiency.

spiral chute machine

02Technological parameters of spiral chute machine

1. Ore feeding volume

The fluctuation of feed volume will affect the separation index of the spiral chute machine. Therefore, when the ore feeding volume is found to be too large or too small, the operator should make corresponding adjustments to make the spiral chute is a good separation state. Generally, when sorting coarse-grained materials, the feeding volume is large; when sorting fine-grained materials, the feeding volume is small.

2. Feed concentration

Feed concentration is also an important factor affecting the selection of spiral chute machines. If the feed concentration is too large, the slurry viscosity will increase, which will affect the settlement stratification effect and the speed of ore particles moving along the groove surface, and reduce the concentrate grade and recovery. If the pulp concentration is too small, the slurry concentration velocity increases, so that the heavy minerals cannot be layered and zoned in the tank before being carried away by the water, making the grade of tailings increase, and the recovery rate decrease.

3. Grade of ore

The ore grade will affect the separation index of the spiral chute machine, so the operator should adjust it in time. When the spiral chute machine is selected with a high mineral grade, it will lead to high concentrate grade, high tailings grade, and low recovery. In this case, the operator should appropriately widen the concentrate zone width and reduce the intercept width of the tailings zone in order to reduce the tailings grade and improve the concentrate recovery.

03Structure parameters of spiral chute machine

The main structural parameters that affect the sorting effect of the spiral chute machine are the diameter of the spiral, the groove section shape of the groove body, the pitch, the number of spiral turns, the position and number of interceptors, etc.

Because the structural parameters of the spiral chute machine are usually determined by preliminary tests and verified by production practice, the parameters of the spiral chute itself are not easy to adjust, and the position of the slide block (interceptor) can only be adjusted according to the situation of pulp zoning to ensure the separation index.

spiral chute machine

04Operating factors of spiral chute machine

Operating factors also have a great influence on the selection effect of the spiral chute machine. The improper adjustment will make the selection process unstable and cause fluctuations in reselection indicators. Therefore, the operator must do the following:

1. Control all kinds of water volume, pay attention to the relative stability of the slurry level of the ore separator, and ensure the continuous flow of mine feeding and mine;

2. Reasonably adjust the ore supply volume and ore concentration, carefully observe the change process of the slurry volume and concentration, and keep it in a stable and suitable range;

3. Check the blockage of each part of the spiral chute machine to ensure the operation status of the spiral chute.

The above are several factors that affect the sorting effect of the spiral chute machine. In actual production, the spiral chute machine operator must monitor the selection effect of the spiral chute in real-time. When problems occur, analyze the reasons and make timely adjustments to keep the spiral chute machine in a good and stable state during the sorting process and improve the economic benefits of the sorting plant.



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