The Sludge Dewatering Equipment

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The thickener is an essential assist process in dressing plant. It defines the process of particles precipitates from the pulp by the by gravity or centrifugal forces.

The feeding materials concentration is 20% to 30%, the thickened products concentration depends on the material density, particle size, composition and the retention time in the thickening pool. It needs to add setting agent (polymer flocculent or flocculants) to the pulp firstly to increase particle settling velocity, when the materials are finely ground ones, to overcome excessive solids carried by overflow water and to improve the thickening equipment processing ability. The commonly used coagulants are inorganic salt electrolytes, such as lime, alum, ferric sulfate, of which the most commonly used lime. Commonly used polymer flocculent is polyacrylamide and its hydrolysis product is generally used in an amount of 10 ~ 20g / t.

The sludge dewatering equipment advantages are ① simple structure. Sludge dewatering equipment is composed by rake, gear, rake lifting device, feeding device, discharging device and other components. ② easy to operate. There is no need complicated manual operation, it basically realized automation. ③ long life and smooth operation. Sludge dewatering equipment production technology and operation skills are mature techniques which makes it last longer and run more smoothly.

The drawback is more occupied areas. The diameter of thickening machine is typically 10s meter, for example, Xinhai Mining Machinery Co., peripheral rack transmission sludge dewatering equipment’s diameter is 53m.

Xinhai Mining Machinery Co., Ltd sludge dewatering equipment characters large capacity, high automation, power consumption saving and other advantages and welcomed by kinds of mining plants both at home and abroad.



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