The Relationship between Ball Mill Types and Grinding Conditions

2016-05-31 Xinhai Views (1494)

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The  working state of ball mill is influenced by types of ball mill and the grinding  conditions. Different types of ball mill should be chosen due to different  grinding conditions. Now, the relationship between types of ball mill and  grinding conditions will be introduced briefly below.

The type  of ball mill is related to the water content of ore. For the type of MQG dry  grid ball mill, water content of ore should be controlled strictly before  grinding. High water content would easily led to the solidarity of ore,  blocking the grid linder of ball mill, and making difficult for ball mill to  discharge.

The type  of ball mill is related to the optimal speed of ball mill. The optimal speed of  GZMg、MQG grid ball mill is higher  than that of GZM、MQY overflow ball mill. The  reason is that steel balls in grid ball mill mainly do parabolic drop motion,  but steel balls in overflow ball mill do diarrhea drop motion. Therefore, the  speed of grid ball mill is higher than that of overflow ball mill.

The type  of ball mill is related to the filling rates of steel balls and its size. GZMg、MQG grid ball mills have grid linder in discharge port, which blocks  the discharge of steel balls. Therefore, the filling rates of steel balls are  higher and the size of steel ball is smaller in grid ball mill.

The type  of ball mill is related to the ship of liner. It is wave shape liner that raise  stell balls and ore to a certain height, which contributes to saving energy.  GZMg and MQG grid ball mill that are coarse grinding equipment adopt the wave  shape liner. Steel balls do diarrhea drop motion due to smoothing shape liner,  which helps to the grinding effect and increase the fineness of grinding.  Therefore, GZM and MQY overflow ball mill that are fine grinding equipment  always adopt the smooth shape liner.

The type  of ball mill is related to the speed of ore feeding. The efficiency of GZMg and  MQG grid ball mill is higher than that of GZM, MQY overflow ball mill. Therefore,  the former has higher speed of feeding.

Xinhai  mining machine provides customers with practical suggestions for selecting  types of ball mill. Xin Hai also provides the best grinding conditions, and the  most suitable type and specification of ball mills, which are higher efficiency  of work, more reliable and stable operation.



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