Xinhai Takes You to Know the Four Advantages of NC Reagent Feeder

2018-02-08 Xinhai Views (1378)

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Reagent addition is an important part of the process of mineral processing, and the size and accuracy of agent addition will directly affect the recovery rate of final mineral processing product.

The traditional method of reagent addition has the disadvantages of inaccuracy, which causes unnecessary loss. Aiming at this phenomenon, Xinhai successfully develops third-generation numerically-controlled dosing system——XHGY-B NC reagent feeder based on advanced foreign technology and customer needs. Its control core adopts German Siemens PLC, which greatly enhances the stability and reliability. At the same time, the display part adopts high-end LCD touchscreen, which is easy to operate.

At present, Xinhai NC reagent feeder has been widely used in the quantitative control offerrous metal, non-ferrous, precious metal and non-metallic minerals, which absolutely avoids the problems of dosing inaccuracy and low recovery rate.

The reasons why this reagent feeder is so hot in domestic and foreign mineral processing market are its excellent addition performance, operation & maintenance, structure design and so on.

Microcomputer control system ensures dosing accuracy

Xinhai XHGY - B NC reagent feeder adopts microcomputer control system, its dosing precision can reach 1 ml, which not only accurately controls the dosage, get the best reagent addition system, but also reduces the medicine consumption farthest, get the best mineral processing technology.

Stale dosing effect, multi-modes switch

Xinhai XHGY - B NC reagent feeder is equipped with liquid level-constant pressure device, which can make the liquid level at the same level. What’s more, this reagent feeder perfectly achieves free switch between automatic dosing mode and semi-automatic dosing mode. In addition, a customer can change dosing mode (continuous dosing mode or interval dosing mode) according to the project site.

Economical and practical

Xinhai XHGY - B NC reagent feeder completely avoids the loss caused by the manual operation. If the operator makes a mistake, the reagent feeder will turn off the automatic power timely. And the parameter doesn’t need to be readjusted again when the power is switched on again. Under the same process index, its reagent consumption is significantly lower.

Excellent component structure

The reagent feeder adopts medicine cabinet and liquid constant device, it can communicate with Siemens PLC in real time, so it can calculate the dosage of medicine easily, and check the reagent feeding history. All kinds of valves are made of stainless steel with good wear resistance. The hosepipe material is made of non-toxic, acid resistant and corrosion-resistant Teflon synthetic material, which has a long service life.

All in all, with the demand of reagent feeder in the modern processing industry, Xinhai will continue to develop more high-end and high-quality NC reagent feeder to control the purpose of mineral processing and improve the production index.



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