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Ghana 1000t/d Gold Mineral Processing Plant

According to factors such as the geological reserves of the mining area and the technical conditions for mining deposits, the 1000t/d gold mineral processing plant adopted gravity separation and carbon slurry process and the ore was mainly oxide ore with low sulfur content and easy leaching.

Xinhai Solution

  • 01

    Crushing stage: one open-circuit crushing process.

  • 02

    Grinding stage: One closed-circuit grinding process. Grid-type ball mill and cyclones form closed-circuit grinding.

  • 03

    The leaching and adsorption operation used a leaching and adsorption system composed of a double-impeller leaching agitation tank. The first tank was the leaching tank, and the second to the sixth tanks were the leaching adsorption tanks. The leaching reagent was added to the leaching tank and stirred for leaching. The activated carbon was added from the sixth tank, and the activated carbon was transferred counter currently through the air lifter for adsorption. Each leaching tank was equipped with a carbon screen, the gold-loaded carbon was lifted from the second tank to the carbon-lifting screen by an air lifter, the slurry under the screen returned to the agitation tank, and the gold-loaded carbon entered the desorption electrolysis and carbon regeneration operations.

  • 04

    The gold-loaded carbon lifted from the leaching adsorption system was fed into the desorption electrolysis system. The activated carbon can continue to be used after acid cleaning regeneration by stirring in the acid cleaning tank and thermal regeneration in activated carbon thermal regeneration furnace to restore activity.

  • 05

    The smelting system adopted aqua regia refining process.

Project Result

The mineral processing plant was rich in ore resources, and most of the ore was oxide ore. The gravity separation and carbon slurry process can obtain a better recovery rate. The construction of this project made full use of existing resources and transforms resource advantages into economic advantages. The plant site had convenient traffic conditions, good construction conditions such as power supply, water supply, and building materials. The use of cyanide-free and environment-friendly leaching reagents greatly reduced pollution. The project stimulated employment of local residents and had good social and economic benefits.

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