Xinhai Customized Full-Set of Equipment Helped Tanzania 500TPD Gold Project Successfully Put into Operation!

2021-09-26 Xinhai Views (1634)

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There is no the same mine all over the world. For years, Xinhai stands at the customer’s point of view from beginning to end, taking customer demand as its own responsibility and devoting itself to provide customized mineral processing solutions for every mine. Recently, the Xinhai Tanzania 500tpd gold project was successfully put into operation, which became another milestone of the Xinhai customized project.

This project was located at the green rock belt around Lake Victoria in the northern Tanzanian province of Mara The type of deposit was mainly green rock iron formation and quartz vein type. In 2015, Xinhai already communicated with the clients of this project. They were very much in favor of the customized service idea put forward by Xinhai. Commissioned by the clients, Xinhai provided a customized full-set of equipment in the gold flotation production line.

Tanzania 500TPD Gold Project

Use the table of contents below to navigate through the guide:

01Project Overview

Processing flow: gold flotation technology

Capacity: 500tpd

Main equipment: jaw crusher, circular vibrating screen, cone crusher, grid ball mill, classifier, XCF flotation cell, KYF flotation cell, high efficiency agitation tank, reagent agitation tank, thickener, chamber diaphragm filter press, etc.

Tanzania 500TPD Gold Project

02Xinhai solution

P – Equipment manufacturing and procurement

Considering the ore property, location of the plant, and other factors of Tanzania 500tpd gold project, Xinhai customized gold flotation production line including raw ore bin, fine ore bin, crushing workshop, grinding workshop, flotation workshop, concentrating dewatering workshop, tailing transportation, water supplying system, etc. 

During the equipment design and production, Xinhai improved the equipment adaptively adjusting measures to local conditions and fully considering the environmental features of the project location. It satisfied the design requirement and improved the equipment operating efficiency from a practical angle.

After the manufacturing and procurement of relative equipment of this project, through complete packaging and delivery management, Xinhai sent all the equipment to the site safely.

Tanzania 500TPD Gold Project

Tanzania 500TPD Gold Project

C – Commission, and delivery

During the installation and commission stage, Xinhai sent a skilled team to the project site breaking through the epidemic barrier. With personal with more than 10 years of installation experience as the installation leader, Xinhai also provided the Chinese-English instruction book. The installation team developed personnel training and production line installation. Under the severe epidemic situation, Xinhai successfully completed the project installation and trail running installation commissioning. It urged the formal production of Tanzania 500tpd gold processing plant.

Tanzania 500TPD Gold Project

03Project light spot

Overcoming the barrier of the epidemic, complete the project progress on schedule

Influenced by the epidemic, international cargo ships and flights have plummeted. The equipment faced many difficulties in arriving the site of the project. Xinhai overcame all the difficulties to guarantee the equipment arriving on time, avoiding delaying the later installation and commission.

Accompanying installation instruction books, and installation and personnel training with technology instruction

Xinhai provided accompanying instruction books for the equipment in the production line, and sending the installation and commission team to the site for equipment installation and commission and personnel training, which provided a complete technology guarantee.

Customized equipment operating stable and reliable

Combined with the process flow and plant characteristics, Xinhai provided customized primary and secondary equipment, which satisfied the technology condition. The equipment operated stably in high efficiency.

At present, Tanzania 500tpd gold processing plant is carrying out production commission after the trial operation. As the presenter and practitioner of Mineral Processing EPC+M+O service, Xinhai already completed the construction work of several Tanzania processing projects.

Tanzania 1200tpd gold processing project

Tanzania 1200tpd gold processing project

It was the mineral processing EPC+M+O project of Xinhai. The ores of this project included vulcanization ores and oxide ores. The grade of oxide ore was 2.4g/t. Gold was the only valuable element. The leaching rate of all-slime cyanidation technology was 93.75%. The grade of vulcanization ore is 10.7g/t. Gold was the only valuable element. The leaching rate of all-slime cyanidation technology was 91.58%.

Tanzania 600tpd gold processing project

Tanzania 600tpd gold processing project

There was the original gravity separation plant in this project. The graininess of the gold inlay was very fine, which is difficult to recover by a single gravity separation. The economic efficiency was weak. To find a reasonable and high-efficiency processing technology flow, this project finally entrusted Xinhai with the new construction and renovation of the processing plant.

Tanzania 200tpd gold processing project

Tanzania 200tpd gold processing project

The design scale of this project was a 200tpd gold CIL processing plant. The raw material was gold raw ore. In 2018, Xinhai undertook this project. Through experiments, Xinhai determined to use gold gravity separation and CIL processing flow. The technology and equipment were mature and reliable. The construction period was short. It worked fast.

Tanzania 150tpd gold processing project

Tanzania 150tpd gold processing project

The ore body of Tanzania 150tpd gold processing project was mainly a gold-bearing quartz vein gold ore body. To acquire high-grade gold concentrates, the clients signed mineral processing EPC+M+O service with Xinhai. During the construction, Xinhai strictly controlled the construction time and provided high-quality service for clients based on the principles of comprehensive planning, reasonable layout, environment protection, and safe production.

Think what clients thought, urge what clients need, and solve what clients wonder. In the future, Xinhai will keep practicing the service idea “what you need is what we can do”, providing more complete and professional customized processing plant service.



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