Phosphorite Dressing Method Flow Charts

2016-01-16 Xinhai Views (1479)

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The application fields of phosphorite are  growing wider, thus making a constant increase of the demand of phosphorite. In  China, phosphorite dressing method is very mature. Although China has a great  amount of phosphorite ore resource, there are many lean ore and few rich ore,  with relatively complicated ore properties. According to different  characteristics, the phosphorite dressing methods can be divided into direct  flotation, direct-reverse flotation, double reverse flotation and heavy media  hydrocyclone separation, and etc.

(1)Direct  Flotation Method

Direct  flotation method is appropriate for the separation of silica phosphotite  ore.  The flow chart is as diagram 1. During  direct flotation, inhibitors like Na2SiO3 and are commonly used to inhibit  silica and calcium minerals; anion collectors are used to select phosphorite. Ningxia  Helanshan mine adopts this method to process raw ore with 8.0% P2O5, which  obtains concentrates with grade more than 35% and recovery rate of 83%.

 (2)Direct-reverse  Flotation Method

 Direct-reverse flotation method is suitable for the  separation of calcarenaceous phosphorite. The dressing method flow chart is as  diagram 2. The inhibitors like Na2SiO3 and Na2CO3 are  adopted to inhibit silica and calcium minerals first; then anion collectors are  used to separate phosphorite by direct flotation; then H2SO4 or H3PO4 to adjust the slurry PH to 5.5~6  to inhibit phosphate; finally, anion  collectors to select carbonate minerals by reverse flotation.  Adopting this process, Guizhou Wenfu  phorsphorite mine has obtained recovery rate of 91.98% and phosphorite  concentrates with grade of 35.17%.

 (3)Double  Reverse Flotation Method

 Double  reverse flotation method is suitable for the separation of collophanite hard to  process. The dressing method flow chart is as diagram 3. H2SO4 or H3PO4 is first used to inhibit  phosphorite minerals by adjusting the slurry PH.; then anion collectors to select carbonas  minerals like dolomite by reverse flotation; finally, kation collectors are  used to separate silicate minerals by reverse flotation after the slurry is processed by de-sliming.

 (4)Heavy  Medium Hydrocyclone Separation

 Heavy  medium hydrocyclone separation is appropriate for the separation of silica and  calcium phosphorite ore. The dressing method flow chart is as diagram 4.  Using this method, phosphorite concentrates  and gauge minerals are separated in accordance with their density differences.

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