Xinhai wear-resistant rubber protects your mining machine

2014-12-18 Xinhai Views (1678)

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Xinhai wear-resistant rubber is widely used in mining machinery as linear. It protects mining machine from wearing, corrosion and impact. In this passage, Xinhai will tell you some information when you use the rubber.

1, How to bond rubber with rubber?

Scrub the rubber surface with cotton cloth dipped in prepared active agent

Apply the prepared rubber cement on rubber surface and dry in the air (10~15 minutes)

Apply the cement again on the rubber surface after drying the first level cement, coincide the bonding surface when it is not sticky

Because bonding surface is stuck in a short time, adjust position before pressing, and insure no deviation. Press the surface then with rubber hammer or pressing roll in order to force the air out.

2, How to classify wear-resistant rubber?

(1) According to whether to clip medium, rubber is divided into pure gum rubber and cloth, metal frame layer folder plastic sheet and other varieties.

(2) According to use, rubber is divided into industrial rubber plate and rubber flooring.

(3) According to the physical and chemical properties, rubber is divided into cloth sandwiched rubber sheet, cloth-stick rubber sheet, insulation rubber sheet, oil proof rubber sheet, acid and alkali resistant rubber sheet, etc.

(4) According to the color and surface treatment, rubber can be divided into: black rubber sheet, green rubber sheet, red rubber sheet, white rubber sheet, yellow rubber sheet, blue rubber sheet, grey rubber sheet, embossed rubber sheet, super wide rubber sheet, etc.

1. Notes of storing rubber products  

Storage must be placed in the shade, avoiding the sunshine or rain, keeping away from fire

2. Why should install a sleeve before the tee joint

It is convenient for installation and maintenance of tee joint.



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