Xinhai hydrocyclone used in dewatering process brings high efficiency

2014-12-23 Xinhai Views (1358)

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Xinhai hydrocyclone is creatively used in dewatering process according to Xinhai idea. Xinhai hydrocylone with wear-resistant rubber linear owns long service life and high efficiency. The water content of slurry will be 15%-20% from the 70%


1, Inlet pressure how to effect the classification of hydrocyclone

Inlet pressure is an important parameter of hydrocyclone work. Improving the inlet pressure can increase the pulp flow and centrifugal force, so it improves the classification efficiency and underflow concentration. But increasing the pressure to reduce the size grading has little effect, energy consumption has increased significantly, and the cyclone underflow mouth wears more seriously. The low pressure (0.05 ~ 0.1MPa) treatment for raw material operation, high pressure (0.1 ~ 0.3MPa) for fine and argillaceous materials operation

2, Ore feeding concentration how to effect the overflow and underflow?

The needing of cyclone feeding concentration depends on the specific material. The feeding concentration is high the same with underflow and overflow concentration. The feeding concentration is low, and the underflow concentration will be reduced accordingly which reduces the overflow with coarse particle. In conclusion concentration neither higher nor lower is better.

Cyclone Unit

1, Why is the hydrocyclone overflow separation efficiency low?

(1) Fluid flow of entering the cyclone and processing flow of hydrocyclone is too small, which leads to low cyclone classification efficiency.

(2) The unreasonable design of cyclone also leads to classification efficiency.

(3) There is a sting in cyclone will affect the resulting low separation efficiency of centrifugal separation;

(4) Particle diameter need to concentrate and separate is too small to manage which can also cause low separation efficiency.

3,  Why the overflow of hydrocyclone comes and goes?

Main reason is the instability pressure. Pressure is less than 0.2-0.3 kg without overflow. Pressure fluctuations mainly are due to slurry tank liquid level instability. You can turn off the one or two cyclone, and then turn down feeding valve. After liquid level becoming stable, appropriately turn up cyclone feed pressure, proposed to maintain more than 0.6 kg.



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