XCI Hydrocyclone Filter Design

2016-05-23 Xinhai Views (1157)

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XCI is a kind of high efficient hydrocyclone in the advanced level, which is produced by hydrodynamics computer calculation system. Its inlet structure is three dimensional scrolled, which avoids rapid rotation of feeding and improve separating rates. It is applied in separating and dewatering process. 

XCI hydroclone filter has certain qualities. (1) It has a simple structure, no moving parts, little taking-up room. Besides, it is convenient in disassemble and maintenance. It is lower cost. (2) Unite volume has a big capacity, and classifying particle size is finer, about 10μm. The process of classifying particle sizes: particles settle down along with wall, due to centrifugal force. However, liquid radial velocity has opposite direction. The final movement direction of a particle is determined by their speed difference. When particle centrifugal sedimentation speed equals liquid radial velocity, the particles do a rotation in a certain radius, which is called gyration radius. The bigger particle size is, the bigger centrifugal sedimentation speed is, which tends to move outside. It makes a balance with liquid radial velocity. Particle sizes are ranked by little too big along with the radial direction, which contributes to classifying.

Xinhai is a professional hydroclone filter design manufacture. Most advanced equipment in the world is studied, designed and improved by Xinhai machinery institute, which has the longest history in Xinhai. More than 80% of equipment has been improved by it and owns more than 80 patents. Xinhai has been working hard to reach the target of providing the most professional, perfect, and efficient equipment and solutions to customers. Therefore, you could buy Xinhaiequipment without any irritation.

Hydroclone filter produced by Xinhai has a reasonable price, good quality, and various kinds. Welcome to purchase it.



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