Xinahai awarded “2016 Excellent Enterprise of Shandong Integrate IT Application with Industrialization”

2017-06-16 Xinhai Views (1232)

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Recently, as "Shandong outstanding CIO representative", Xinhai was invited to attend "2016 Integrate IT Application with Industrialization Conference Summary" sponsored by Shandong Commission of Economy and Information Technology, and communicated with committee leadership, department representatives, Shandong outstanding CIO representatives, exchanged the experience of " integrate IT application with industrialization ", and discussed the innovation transformation from " Made in Shandong" to " Create in Shandong ".

2016 Excellent Enterprise

The site of "2016 Shandong Integrate IT Application with Industrialization Conference Summary"

In the summary meeting, Shandong commission leadership praised excellent enterprise who got outstanding achievements in the "Integrate IT Application with Industrialization" in the past year, encouraged them to promote new technologies, new business, actively built a standard system, strengthened opening cooperation, cultivated the talents, and promoted in-depth development. During the meeting, Xinhai was named as"2016 Excellent Enterprise of Shandong Integrate IT Application with Industrialization" and won the certificate.

xinhai honor

Certificate of "Excellent Enterprise of Shandong Integrate IT Application with Industrialization"

xinhai honor

Trophy of "Excellent Enterprise of Shandong Integrate IT Application with Industrialization"

In recent years, Xinhai carried on "the deep integration of industrialization and information " concept, carried out " manufacturing industry servicizing transformation" development strategy, actively explored "manufacturing + Internet" development mode, made good use of new ideas, new methods and new tools brought by information age, and improved research and development, production, marketing and management those key parts, which not only made a fruitful business achievements, but also accumulated valuable transformation experience. Here are four points:

▼Enhance research and development capabilities. As a company who focuses on "mineral processing EPC service", Xinhai knows that continuous and stable technology innovation relates to the survival and development of enterprise, and use informatization to promote research and technological innovation is absolutely an effective way. With the aid of CAD, concurrent design, 3D modeling methods, Xinhai improved product performance and mineral process, provide strong technical support to realize "high-end, high-quality and efficient" mineral processing EPC service.

▼ Improve manufacturing efficiency and design. Two cores of "mineral processing EPC service" are mineral processing equipment manufacture and plant design. On the one hand, Xinhai used CNC equipment and industrial software to improve production line and promote manufacturing efficiency; On the other hand, with the help of simulation software and big data, Xinhai provided more accurate and effective plant design and design services for customers. Both measures improved Xinhai overall service level and strengthened the core competence of the enterprise.

▼Optimize marketing system. In recent years, Xinhai actively promoted its own "Internet marketing transformation", set up perfect "online and offline" marketing system, which increased a heavy weight for developing overseas mining market. Thanks to the Internet marketing system, the enquiry number of Xinhai kept 200% annual growth in three consecutive years, and sales imported by e-commerce was up to 80% of the total amount of company's annual sales. In addition, Xinhai also actively adopted 3D and mobile terminal technology, realized 3D visualization of equipment operation and plant operation, enriched enterprise products and services display mode.

▼ Promote enterprise management efficiency. The cores of enterprise in the information age are still research and development, production, marketing and management. To ensure stable operation of these links, enterprise must establish a set of enterprise system that keep up with the time request. With the help of CRM and ERP system, Xinhai realized digitization and refinement of enterprise. Based on customer demand and business process, Xinhai totally improved every link that are related to mineral processing service, involving research and development, production, marketing, management.

Xinhai was awarded as "2016 Excellent Enterprise of Shandong Integrate IT Application with Industrialization" was not only the affirmation and praise for Xinhai achievements in "integrate IT application with industrialization" development, but also the encouragement for Xinhai. In the future, Xinhai will deepen the exchanges and cooperation with other outstanding enterprises, on the one hand, Xinhai will learn the advanced experience of top companies in mining industry, on the other hand, Xinhai will provide support for brother companies, take responsibility of " Excellent Enterprise of Shandong Integrate IT Application with Industrialization", and drive regional economic development.



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