Xinhai Attended 11th Annual Mines And Money Asia

2018-04-10 Xinhai Views (1357)

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Mr. Zhang delivered a keynote speech

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On April 4, Mines and Money, Asia's largest gathering of miners and investors, brought together over 1,500 attendees from over 40 countries to the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre. Mr. Zhang Zhongyi, director and deputy general manager of Xinhai Mining, attended this event and delivered a keynote speech on the theme of "Experience and Strategy about Overseas Mining Investment".

At the meeting, Mr. Zhang made an in-depth analysis of overseas mining investment from the due investigation, development idea, technical plan and personnel allocation. He said, the purpose of due investigation was to make researches on the feasibility of mine construction, which involved geological survey, mining, mineral processing, environment, safety and economy. Only detailed and comprehensive investigation work could provide the most solid support for project decision.

Aiming at the inherent problems of China's mining development, Mr. Zhang proposed his developing thought—"mines nurtures more mines, mining-exploiting combination-stage construction - seek EPC service", and he also emphasized the importance of seeking EPC service.

Technical solution played a decisive role in economic benefit. A thousand kind of mines, a thousand kind of conditions. Only by obtaining the best process and equipment can we achieve the best benefit. At the scene, Mr. Zhang took three Xinhai's cases in South America, Southeast Asia and the Middle East as examples, and proved that the customized technical solution could bring the best benefit!

Besides, Mr. Zhang explained, all site construction should be built by combining with the actual situation, which could shorten the construction period, reduce the construction difficulty and investment cost. In some countries, most goods were purchased and transported from the domestic market, which must be planned by professional materials and equipment planners in advance. Finally, Mr. Zhang summarized, details decide success or failure, and a lot of aspects were involved in international cooperation projects. And it was very important for each mine to customize its mineral processing EPC solution according to the mine resource situation, which helped us to create the best benefits!



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