Xinhai: Gain Momentum With IPR, Win Development With Innovation

2018-05-15 Xinhai Views (1335)

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Recently, Xinhai was awarded the "Yantai IPR Superior Enterprise" title, which was the high appreciation to outstanding achievement Xinhai obtained in creation, application, protection and management of intellectual property.

Since its establishment in 1997, Xinhai has always believed that intellectual property is the best proof of an enterprise's innovation ability. One of the easiest ways to learn about an enterprise's innovation ability is to learn more about the quantity of intellectual property. Therefore, during its nearly 50 years development, Xinhai has attached great importance to the protection, application and management of intellectual property, and gradually formed a set of perfect intellectual property system, which was designed to protect the company's intellectual property, make it better used in innovation and research of mineral processing equipment and technology, and help Xinhai to occupy the highest point of intellectual property rights in the fierce competition, so as to improve its international competitiveness.

Xinhai takes innovation as its driving force, and insists on surpassing itself in innovation to show the strength of "Made in China". Xinhai not only paid attention to the mode innovation, but also focused on the innovation of processing technology and equipment. Since 1997, Xinhai has been dedicated to the independent research and development of mineral processing equipment, strengthened the technological innovation of mineral process. By relying on its scientific and technological strength, Xinhai has greatly improved the quality of mineral products and technology content, positive and intelligent equipment research and development of a new generation of processing technology, strengthened its competitive advantage. So far, Xinhai has improved 80% mining and mineral processing equipment with its rich and professional technical personnel, some of them even reached the international leading level. In addition, Xinhai owned 24 authorized patents, including 11 invention patents and 13 utility model patents.

In the future, Xinhai will continue to implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, further carry out the innovation-driven development strategy and intellectual property strategy, continuously consolidate the strengthen of intellectual property, enhance our core competitiveness. Besides, Xinhai will play the role of a pacesetter in intellectual property, and provide strong support for the city development with strong intellectual property rights.



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