Mineral Processing EPC, New Start of Mining Industry

2018-08-10 Xinhai Views (1833)

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Mineral, as an essential part, is widely used in our daily life. Metalware, buildings, even food and medicine, are all consisted of mineral. Mineral through the complex process, transforms magically from huge stones to the raw material of our daily life production.

Most minerals are buried under the ground, as the compound state. There are many impurities in them, which cannot be used directly. So mineral processing is an important part. Although the input of processing could just be 20%-30% of the total input, the output of it could be 90% of the total. So that the design and construction of processing plant is quiet necessary of all.

Xinhai, holding the idea 'what you need is what we can do', has accomplished over 500 mineral processing EPC project from over 90 countries, with 88 patents. Xinhai has set up overseas offices in multiple countries. As the pioneer of the mineral processing EPC, Xinhai has always been providing the whole link of processing test, design, equipment manufacture and purchase, and Commissioning, delivery and after-sales. To meet the demands of customers, Xinhai provides customization mineral processing EPC for every single customer, realizing what they need is what Xinhai could do.


As the saying goes, the first step is always the hardest. Mineral test and processing plant design are the most important links of the whole project. Xinhai has a subsidiary of the mineral research institute and mineral design institute, which could provide reliable research analysis and suitable design for clients to get the biggest profit. In the link of the mineral test, Xinhai mineral research institute can carry on research with the sample from clients. The report of the research can provide evidence for many questions like the size of the processing plant, input and profit. It also provides a target of recovery of the mineral. After the test, Xinhai mineral design institute would carry on their design for the processing plant immediately. There are over 200 professors in the design institute providing technology supporting for mineral processing EPC. They would improve the design plan concerning about mineral processing, general drawing, electricity, communication, construction, environment protection, water supply and drainage, tailing, security and fire protection, investment estimation, economic benefit and others.


Xinhai has three major production plants. The production includes over 600 equipment containing mining, processing and smelting, with huge advantages of technology and talents. Because of Xinhai's sole responsibility of all the problems in concentration plant, the equipment could be manufacture after chosen, which reduces the waste of period and saves the cost of the time limit. All the equipment would be packaged by wood boxes, wood plants and so on, to make sure no damage during the shipping. The engineer of Xinhai would be sent to the plant and help installing and debugging at the field to make sure all the equipment running well. Technical backbone is sent to train the workers' production technology and management standard, convenient the clients to manage and operate well.


Xinhai mineral processing EPC is based on the target recovery rate and guaranteed by the estimation of the mineral processing test. All the problem about equipment and technology are charged by Xinhai during the period when the target recovery rate has not arrived. When finished, Xinhai would also revisit clients at regular intervals, providing after-sale services and one-year quality guarantee, which makes clients free of worries.

Xinhai mineral processing EPC, provide a professional and massy shield for clients with the professional thought of Xinhai and strong technology and completely after-sale support. Choosing Xinhai, is your trust and the proud of Xinhai.



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