Why the wear - resistant rubber is welcomed by mineral processing plant?

2015-02-28 Xinhai Views (1352)

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In recent years, wear-resisting rubber has become a bright spot in mining machinery industry, which takes advantages of its resistance to wear and corrosion to enter the field of machine equipment linear.

10 years ago, domestic wet wear - resistant rubber market is mainly monopolized by overseas rubber industry. Now through the domestic plastic industry company's efforts, Xinhai wear - resistant rubber Industry Company as a leader successfully develops a wear – resistant rubber refining process, so that the wet wear-resistant rubber is produced by domestic industry. Mining industry is industry representative in application of wet wear - resistant rubber with the highest attentions.

There are two reasons that wear - resistant rubber got so many attentions.

The one is the expectation of wear – resistant rubber as wear – resistant materials of mineral machinery. The excellent wear – resistant rubber as the protector of mineral machinery can prolong the service life of equipment.

The other one is the small specific gravity of rubber can reduce the weight and damage of equipment.

The wear – resistant rubber liners rising in recent years with light weight bring very little chance of causing serious injuries, and it is more convenient to replace than the metal liners.

In the repair of the equipment, it is very prone to accidents. For example, the staff below the equipment was injured by falling liners for repair personnel negligence in the replacement of ball mill liner sheet causing in a broken leg. The injured workers live in hospital for 25 days and rested for more than 3 months before starting work. If the ball mill had adopted rubber liners, this tragedy would never have happened again.



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