Development of Xinhai Mining During the 40-year Reform and Opening-up

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In the forty years of reform and opening up

Great changes happened in China

Private enterprises also shone differently

Forty years

Just a little sparkle

In the long human history river

However, for Xinhai

Great changes of era have happened silently


Reform and opening up policy

Broke out the limit of system and mechanism

Raised up the huge market

Motivated the energy of people

And lighted up the flame of enterprisers'thinking

Made the private economy grow rapidly

Hence 4860m2 was changed to 66364m2

Hence "Xinhai Mode" emerged


(In 1997, the workshop of Xinhai was only 4860 m2. After extension, Xinhai office building and workshop covered 66,364 m2. At the same time, the new workshop is under construction)

The story of workshop

Is the story of Xinhai

And is the story of yours too

At that time, China strongly supported the development of private enterprises, and published a series of policies, which attracted a lot of people to startup, including me. Different from providing mineral processing equipment, Xinhai insisted on providing mineral processing EPC service at the beginning, which was a new mode that nobody tried before. Most peers were generally not optimistic about it, but we still did it. The facts showed that our mineral processing EPC service was very correct. And later e-commerce marketing, there were just many questions about us, if not more. Actually, Xinhai was in a growing number of people questioned. In the first half year of 2018, our performance increased rapidly. Looking back on the past, the support of China and government was the biggest power for us.

--- Zhang Yunlong, the Chairman and founder of Xinhai Mining

When I came here, the workshop was just a little. Once we worked, the equipment occupied the whole room and the noise was everywhere. Now it is different. The whole workshop is very spacious, which makes us easy to work.

--- A 20-workyear worker of Xinhai


Reform and opening up

Encouraged the startup and creation

Activated the whole market


The compact research in the laboratory

And the prudent discussion on the seminar


The 112 patents on the Xinhai's patent wall


(Picture 1 showed the first large flotation cell developed by Xinhai in 1990s. Now, Xinhai can manufacture more than 1000 kinds of mining, processing, smelting equipment, and provide full sets of main and auxiliary equipment for mine less than 50000 tons/day capacity. Besides, Xinhai has also improved 80% of common mineral equipment, and applied for 112 patents. Picture 2 is Xinhai's patent wall)

Xinhai never stops

The step of innovation

We could hear innovation everywhere at that time. When developing the first flotation cell, the design scheme was discussed a dozen times, and the design paper was nearly a table tall. All of us stayed in the laboratory for a whole day, not even home sometimes. I was just married at that time, and there were several arguments between me and wife about it. When we succeeded, I felt that all what I paid rewards.

--- Mr. Li, research personnel who developed the first flotation cell

Xinhai spent a lot of effort and financial resource on researching. I was so proud of being one of Xinhai people when I saw the patent wall. And I also set a goal that won a place on the patents wall within five years.

--- A technic from Xinhai Mechanical Design Institute


Reform and opening up

Going out to the world

Made Xinhai step into a boarder market

One Belt and Road in new era

Xinhai moves forward firmly

Malaysian-CNMC-500TPD-gold-processing -project

(Picture 1 showed that the signing ceremony of the first overseas project of Xinhai in 1990s --- Japan Tokyo corporation silicon sand dressing project. Picture 2 was the signing ceremony of Malaysian CNMC 500TPD gold processing project. Now, Xinhai has finished over 500 mineral processing EPC projects all over the world, and served over 2000 mines. Besides, Xinhai successively set up its overseas offices in multiple countries. The product was exported to over 90 countries all over the world)

What you need

Is what we can do

Time is changing

Xinhai service intention is always the same

In 1990s, China published the going-out policy, simplified the procedures that related to foreign trade, and provided various financial preferential tax treatments. Mr. Zhang Yunlong found the potential of overseas market. Japan silica sand dressing project was the first overseas project that we undertook. The negotiation process lasted for a month, because our competitor also negotiated with our customer, so we must keep our eye on the information of customer and competitor. It was the first time for Xinhai to step in overseas market, so what we can depend on was our quality and technology. This project did gave us great confident and motivation at that time.

--- The participant of Japan silica sand processing project

After the One Belt and Road propose was put forward, Xinhai took a lot of effort on the countries along the Belt and Road, and received a great result. Malaysian CNMC 500TPD gold processing project was a typical cross-cultural cooperation project, and It was also the first CIP plant in Kelantan State, Malaysia. From signing to the first gold-loaded carbon produced, the whole project only took 6 months. The clients were very satisfied about our high-quality and high-efficiency, and I was also proud of being one of the Xinhai people.

--- Mr. Xue, project manager of Malaysian CNMC 500TPD gold processing project


Time goes by

You have a high spirit in old days

You have faintly grey hair now

The new us

Like the old you

Filled with surging blood


(Picture1: Fifth anniversary of Xinhai in 2004. Picture2:2018 graduates joined Xinhai. Xinhai has extended its family from several people to hundreds of members)

Reform and opening up are unfinished

Xinhai never stops its steps

President Xi said that: Every age has its own problem, each generation has its own destiny. Although we went through mountains and rivers, we still need to make an arduous journey. Xinhai will keep forward with its original intention!



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