About Carrying Out “Made In China 2025” Policy, Xinhai Mining Has A Lot To Say

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“Made in China 2025” policy is the first ten-year program for building manufacturing power in China. Now, China is in a significate period of “Made in China 2025”, and about to lead with manufacturing powers in 2025.

“Made in China 2025” policy proposed that: we should insist taking “created driving, quality first, environment-friendly development, structure optimizing, and talented-oriented” as the basic policy. As an mineral processing equipment manufacturing enterprise, Xinhai Mining deeply carries out “Made in China 2025” policy. It accurately grasps the traditional manufacturing industry to high-end and service-oriented transformation trend, carries out 5 transformation strategy – marketing interconnection, market internationalization, manufacturing servitization, managing modernization and development innovation. It takes efforts on the development of modern mine enterprise.

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01Innovation actuated

Innovation is the important engine of the manufacturing industry development.

Which is also the key core of building manufacturing power.

Innovation is the first power in leading development. Since established, Xinhai Mining knows that, the effect of modern mine enterprise is advantaged by leading technology. The leading technology is reflected on reasonable technology and high-efficiency and energy-saving equipment. Xinhai Mining developed Mine Research Institute, Mine Design Institute and Equipment Design Institute, as the technology support of practicing Mineral Processing EPC+M+O service.

Xinhai Mining Mine Research Institute

Mine Research Institute has received Laboratory Accreditation Certificate of China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment. It can provide accurate mineral processing experiment for over 70 kinds of ores. It insists doing experiments with creative thoughts. It pays attention to the ore sample representativeness.

Mine Design Institute has Class A Design Qualification in Metallurgical Industry. It includes 7 administrative offices, 16 professions, and over 60 professional designers. They can proceed conventional mineral processing plant design, mobile mineral processing plant design, 3D mineral processing plant design, box type mineral plant design, and combined mineral processing plant design in different kinds of design standard according to the requirement of clients. They designed the plans for each mine customized, rather than copying.

Equipment Design Institute assumed the equipment research and development, design, improvement and so on. They have a group of technics who have both machinery design experience and mineral processing practice experience. Equipment Design Institute improved over 80% common mineral processing equipment and applied for many patents.

Xinhai Mining Mine Design Institute – 3D mineral processing plant design

(Xinhai Mining Mine Design Institute – 3D mineral processing plant design)

02Quality first

Quality is the key cause of manufacturing industry development.

It is also the foundation underlying all our efforts to build the manufacturing power.

The core of manufacturing industry is product. The core of product is brand. The carrier of brand is quality. Equipment manufacturing industry is the basic and pillar industry of economy and society development, and also the footstone of lifting comprehensive national strength. With the "Made in China 2025" proposed, Xinhai Mining equipment has increased the control of product quality. Production base has cars, milling, planing, grinding, boring, drilling, stamping, welding, plate bending, shear and so on hundreds of sets of mechanical processing equipment, and independent development of ball mill for special handling equipment such as machine tools, bearings and pulley, etc more than ten sets of mining machinery processing and special equipment, can produce mining, dressing and smelting of more than 1000 kinds of equipment, to under 50000 tons/day of mine production to provide a full range of advocate complementary equipment.

Ball Mill

(Xinhai Mining equipment manufacturing shop)

At present, Xinhai Mining equipment has successfully passed the ISO9001:2015 international quality management system certification and EU CE certification, and has been rated as "inspection-free enterprise" for many times. In addition, the company also established a complete and strict quality management system, procurement and supplier management system, to ensure that production and procurement in strict accordance with the quality manual operation, constantly improve the enterprise brand value, take the road of quality to win the development.

ISO9001:2015 International Quality Management System Certification, EU CE certification

(ISO9001:2015 International Quality Management System Certification, EU CE certification )

03Green development

Green development is the key point of breaking source, energy and environment problems.

It is also the only way to realize the sustainable development of manufacturing industry.

For the mining industry, the construction of green mines is an inevitable sustainable development road, and the construction of "green mines" is also an inevitable choice for the long-term planning and development of China's mining industry. In the traditional sense, tailings treatment usually adopts tailings straightening method, which not only increases the operation cost of tailings pond, but also brings great pollution to the environment and seriously affects the ecological environment. In addition, the water content of tailing products is too high, which brings great difficulty to the secondary development and utilization of tailing.

tailings pond

Facing the backward treatment methods of tailings, Xinhai Mining equipment took the lead in completing the study of dry tailings drainage theory and the feasibility demonstration of the scheme as early as the 1990s, and successfully applied it into practice. By 2009, with the launch of "green mine" construction requirements, Xinhai mine tailings dry stacking technology has been fully developed.

Xinhai Mining can maintain a leading position, in terms of dry tailings row because not provided a template of tailings dry stacking plan, but according to the tailings in the region, environment, characteristic factors, such as customized personalized tailings dry stacking plan, each link between interlocking, closely integrated, makes the final tailings water content less than 15%, save costs 2 yuan/ton, the service life of the equipment is the other 2 times. So far, Xinhai Mining tailings dry stacking process has been involved in hundreds of domestic and foreign mine enterprises tailings project, the application of mine has been rated as "green mine" example, is the first choice to achieve "green mine" technology.

(Xinhai Mining tailings dry stacking scene)

(Xinhai Mining tailings dry stacking scene)

04Structure optimization

Adjusting structure and optimizing is the main mask of our manufacturing industry development.

It is also the essential way to be manufacturing power.

Started from 1997, by a single mining machinery equipment manufacturer first onto the road of mining engineering “one-stop” services, to assess the situation in 2012, actively to carry on the transformation and upgrading, the expansion of mining engineering “one-stop” services for the design and research services - complete sets of equipment manufacturing and purchasing - Commission and delivery as one of the “Mineral Processing EPC” model, and then to the beginning of 2019, Again upgraded to include the design and study, the complete equipment for manufacturing and purchasing - debugging and delivery - mine management - mine operation , “one-stop” work style, customized “Mineral Processing EPC+M+O service”, Xinhai Mining is all the way with national development strategic planning, actively explored the course of the transformation and upgrading of its own development, and constantly promote enterprise development to a new stage.

Xinhai Mining Mineral Processing EPC+M+O service

(Xinhai Mining Mineral Processing EPC+M+O service)


Talent is the direct carrier of realizing manufacturing power.

It is also the backbone power of building manufacturing power.

In terms of talent management, Xinhai Mining constantly improves the internal management of the enterprise, improves the management team, and has a reasonable number and structure of employees. In terms of talent introduction, Xinhai Mining speeds up technology research and development team, the introduction of industry research and development personnel and other personnel, develop in advance to ensure that the research and development strength, to ensure the company's business, at the same time established a perfect system of social recruiting and campus recruitment, through various channels to introduce talented persons, for Xinhai Mining development and life for a long time.

Talent is the direct carrier of realizing manufacturing power.

Now, Xinhai Mining already co-constructs of college students innovation and entrepreneurship practice base with school of chemistry and environmental engineering, Shandong University of Science and Technology. They will both provide a place for graduates with entrepreneurial dreams. Mr. Zhang Yunlong, chairman of the board of directors, has been invited to serve as the mentor of employment and entrepreneurship for college students in Yantai University, as well as the part-time professor of Shandong University of science and technology, Shandong University of Science and Technology, Heilongjiang University of science and technology, etc.

(Mr. Zhang Yunlong served as the employment and entrepreneurship tutor for college students in Yantai University)

(Mr. Zhang Yunlong served as the employment and entrepreneurship tutor for college students in Yantai University)

(Mr. Zhang Yunlong serve as the part-time professor in many colleges and universities)

(Mr. Zhang Yunlong serve as the part-time professor in many colleges and universities)

Looking back on the past development process, all the way, Xinhai Mining always keep up with The Times, never forget the original intention, forge ahead, develop itself in various aspects, uphold the service concept of "what you need is what we can do", and provide global customers with more comprehensive Mineral Processing EPC+M+O services. In the future, Xinhai Mining will firmly grasp the development opportunity period "Made in China 2025", continue to deepen its interconnection in marketing, market internationalization, manufacturing, management modernization and development of service innovation in five aspects of the transformation and upgrading, remain in the momentum of development, we sincerely for every customer to create a more lucrative mill plant efficiency and power of China at an early date into manufacturing power!



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