The 2019 Year-end Inventory | Goodbye 2019, Hello 2020! (I)

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Time goes by.

The days turn into years.

Reviewing 2019,

Xinhai Mining is full of harvest.

In 2019,

We tried our best,

We are the dream-seeker!

Use the table of contents below to navigate through the guide:

01Carrying out the 5-translating strategy and strengthen the transformation and update.

In 2019,

Xinhai Mining kept carrying out the 5-translating strategy.

The market internationalization was speeding.

The mineral processing plant service updated.

The technology innovation improved quality and efficiency.

“Internet+” transformation gains a lot.

Management modernization construction was quite a success.

Vigorously expand the overseas mining market and accelerate the internationalization of the market

In 2019, Xinhai Mining, which took the lead in market internationalization, met the wide developing opportunities. Its global strategic layout and mode exploration have also been accelerated, and it has successfully "entered" several new mining markets, accounting for 90% of the overseas market. Over 2000 served mine, over 500 mineral processing EPC+M+O projects from all over 90 countries and regions.

(Mineral processing EPC+M+O projects global map)

Besides, with the launch of China (Shandong) pilot free trade zone, the wholly-woned subsidiary of Xinhai Mining, Xinhai Mining sales headquarters and Xinhai supply-chain company project was on the list of Yantai district key projects. This will further help Xinhai Mining with a new story in outside world.

(Shandong free trade zone key projects focus on the signing site)

Comprehensively upgrade the mineral processing model, in-depth manufacturing service transformation

At the beginning of 2019, Xinhai Mining combined with its excellent mineral processing strength and years of experience in mineral processing, declared to update mineral processing EPC service to mineral processing EPC+M+O service, which is the mineral processing plant one-stop service including design and research - complete equipment manufacturing and purchasing - commission and delivery - mine management - mine operation. Processing plant project services as much as possible of each link to consider a more comprehensive and detailed, the mill before - in - after three stages into a value chain of customer demand-oriented, throughout the entire life cycle of processing plant, embarks from the actual situation of processing plant, customized, since then opens the new mining industry value chain services era!

(Xinhai mineral processing EPC+M+O service)

Continue to pursue innovation-driven development

In 2019, Xinhai Mining Mine Research Institute, Mine Design Institute, and Mechanical Design Institute provide technology support for the smooth development of sales work and the development of mineral processing EPC+M+O service with rigorous scientific attitude.

(Three Intitutes of Xinhai Mining)

Among them, Xinhai Mining Research Institure completed over 100 mineral processing experiment projects and provided nearly 200 technology support projects. And successfully completed the CNAS reinspection task, at present only in the gold mine processing has 28 innovative technology schemes.

Xinhai Mining Mine Design Institute took part in over 40 mine design projects. According to the requirements of part of overseas gold processing plants, Xinhai Mining Mine Design Institute developed construction drawing design and dismantling drawing of steel structure in modular processing plant. According to the needs of a set of small steel structure gradually formed a whole frame standardized system design, at the same time to carry out the 3D concentrator design and standardized concentrator design.

Multiple channel marketing, and carrying out marketing internationalization strategy

In 2019, Xinhai Mining continued carrying out the “Internet+” strategy. As the e-commerce strategy continued to grow, inquiries continued to grow, and the composition of inquiries was further optimized. The global visibility of Xinhai Mining improved comprehensively, and the Xinhai Mining mineral processing EPC+M+O service has been helped to go abroad and benefit the global mines.


At the same time, after months of careful polishing, the new type Xinhai Mining official website launched as scheduled with more abundant content and beautiful looking providing a better user experience for global clients.

Multiple channel marketing, and carrying out marketing internationalization strategy

(A new version of the Xinhai official website)

Build a modernized management system, constructing management of modern enterprises

In 2019, Xinhai Mining has organized and carried out training on production safety for all staff and comprehensive assessment on sales capacity. On the one hand, it improved the whole overall quality of Xinhai personnel to provide more high-efficiency and professional service for clients. On the other hand, it vigorously promoted the company's management modernization level, accelerate the construction of modern management enterprises.

Build a modernized management system, constructing management of modern enterprises

Through continuous exploration and accumulation, Xinhai Mining has successfully established market analysis and risk assessment, channel development and sales management, customer management and service, supply chain, logistics and quality management systems, and finally realized the data and refinement of its own operation management.

02Strengthening foreign exchanges and deepening mining cooperation for development

In 2019,

Xinhai Mining and mineral processing EPC+M+O service,

Showed on over 20 international mine industry stage.

President Mr. Yunlong Zhang,

Was invited to international mine industry conference and gave theme speech.

Let Xinhai Mining enter a more broad world.

Several present on international mine industry exhibition, and multilateral communication to improve cooperation

In 2019, Xinhai Mining and mineral processing EPC+M+O service successive appeared in 2019 SIMFE, PDAC, Mongolia Mining, the 125th Spring Canton Fair, the MENA MINING SHOW, MiningWorld Russia, CAMINEX & CBM-TEC, Mine Entra, EXPOSIBRAM, Columbia International Mining and Industry Fair, MINEXPO TANZANIA, Expomina Peru, WAMPEX, CHINA MINING, the 126th Autumn Canton Fair, Expomineria and so on more than 20 international conference on mining, globalization strategy for Xinhai Mining.

Several present on international mine industry exhibition, and multilateral communication to improve cooperation

On the 125th Spring Canton fair, Xinhai Mining won the scene order in only three days, and becoming the high light.

Xinhai Mining - the scene of the 125th Spring Canton Fair

(Xinhai Mining - the scene of the 125th Spring Canton Fair)

On the 2019 China Mining, Xinhai Mining, as the name tag sponsor, brought mineral processing EPC+M+O service present again. The unique special exhibition hall, innovative factory selection service mode, professional technical explanation, naked eye 3D, VR experience and other high-tech on-site activities make Xinhai Mining stand out among the numerous exhibitors. During the exhibition, the site won over 100 visitors, and many industry media invited to interview.

Xinhai Mining - 2019 CHINA MINING

(Xinhai Mining - 2019 CHINA MINING)

Present international mine industry communication conference, and discuss global mine plan together

In 2019, Xinhai Mining President Mr. Yunlong Zhang was invited to several international mining conference and gave theme speech. He deeply analyzed current mine development at home and abroad, and shared Xinhai Mining innovative mineral processing technology and equipment, and gave specific solutions.

In January, "Win the war 2019" Tsinghua Mining students annual meeting.

In April, the fourth national conference on practical technology and equipment for the mining, metallurgy and metallurgy of nonferrous metals.

In August, 2019 (zhaoyuan) China international gold mining technology summit forum.

In October, the fifth IMIC international mining industry conference.

In October, National mineral processing equipment management and innovation conference 2019

In December, the fourth international mining rights information exchange conference.

In December, China international mining summit forum 2019

In December, 2019 mineral resources and materials industry chain conference

In the "Most popular mineral processing equipment brand in 2019" selection activity held by National mineral processing equipment management and innovation conference 2019, Xinhai Mining won the title of “the most popular mineral processing equipment brand in 2019”.

The title “the most popular mineral processing equipment brand in 2019”

(The title “the most popular mineral processing equipment brand in 2019”)



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