【Xinhai Case】Laos 2000TPD Gold Processing Project

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Laos is a country that focuses on agricultural development. The foundations of the industry and service industry are weak. The mineral resource of Laos is abundant and various, such as gold silver, copper, iron, lead-zinc, and so on. The whole mineralization geological condition is good, and the resource has potential. Therefore, Laos is one of the important mining countries. The whole geological exploration degree is low. Mineral development is a lack of investment. The mining and processing technology far form satisfying the development requirement. The management and technical personnel are in shortage. Most mineral resources are in the initial phase. Rich mineral resources are underutilized, which influences the Laos economy development.

In recent years, the Laos government increases the attach importance to mineral development and utilization. It applies introduced policy and develops national mineral resources relying on foreign capital. The China One Belt and Road policy also provides good chances for Laos mineral development. Respectable China investment enterprises and technology service enterprises take part in the Laos mineral development team. With the China-Laos mineral development fully heating up, as the presenter and practitioner of mineral processing EPC+M+O service, Xinhai took part in multiples mineral processing projects in Laos, involving gold, copper-gold, and other metal minerals. In 2019, Xinhai Mining undertook the Laos 2000tpd gold processing project and helping Laos mining industry development.

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01One. Project Background

With the increase of mining depth, the ore characteristic changes a lot. The intrinsical flotation technology flow is not suitable for the valuable elements of recycling. The mineral processing technology economy indexes are not ideal, and the enterprise economy efficiency obviously reduces. Therefore, the intrinsic mineral processing technology flow is determined to update.

Through the inspection and selection, Xinhai Mining hardware and software of production technology and management received the recognization. At the same time, Xinhai mineral processing EPC+M+O service mode and idea moved the clients. Finally, the clients selected Xinhai Mining as the technical service team of this project and signed a mineral processing project update contract.

02Two. Project situation

Ore characteristic: the raw ore contains organic carbon and inorganic carbon. The carbon content is 2%. Gold is the only recyclable element.

Capacity: 2000TPD.

Processing flow: All-slime cyanide carbon slurry method (CIL).

Main equipment: wet energy-saving overflow ball mill, hydrocyclone, linear vibrating screen, rubber slurry pump, double-impeller leaching agitation tank, reagent agitation tank, air lifter and so on.

Laos 2000TPD Gold Processing Project

03Three. Xinhai solution

E-design and research

Xinhai mine research institute carried out in-depth, meticulous, and systemic mineral processing experiment through ore samples, and commended the suitable minerals processing flow and technical operation condition. The mine design institute determines the actual situation on-site according to mineral processing experiment result and the actual situation on site. At the precondition of the client acceptance, mine design institute carried out construction design.

P-complete equipment manufacturing and procurement

According to the requirement of technology, Xinhai mechanical design institute adjusted and updated the necessary equipment. It customized the main and auxiliary equipment for this project and updated the original equipment to combine with the processing technology. It can increase the production rate, reduce the consumption and length the equipment running time.

After the relative equipment manufacturing and purchasing finishing, Xinhai Mining sent all the equipment safely to the project site through complete packaging and shipping management system.

C-commission and delivery

In the installation and commission link, Xinhai sent an experienced installation and commission team to the processing team, participating in and managing the installation and commissioning of the equipment of the project and provide professional maintenance and training services for it.

M+O-mine management and operation

In mine management and operation, Xinhai provides him the professional civil construction guidance service, steel-structured construction service and tailing treatment and tailings pond engineering design service.

To guarantee the smooth operation and reach the predict recovery rate, Xinhai Mining repeated visited this project, and provided reliable aftersale technology support, to ensure that the recovery rate of the processing plant meets the standard, the product quality is safe, and the process equipment operates stably.

Laos 2000TPD Gold Processing Project

04Four. Project highlight

1. Customized solution and reasonable layout

On the basis of the intrinsic flotation plant, the new equipment and processing technology is added. The intrinsic factory, equipment and basis are maximum utilization. Through scientific and reasonable processing plant design, the whole processing flow unblocked is ensured. The new and old equipment operates naturally. The predicted recovery rate is reached and the investment cost saves.

2. Advanced technology and reliable equipment

Combined with its technology flow, Xinhai Mining customized all the main and auxiliary equipment, satisfying the technology condition. The equipment operates stable and high-efficiency.

3. Environment-friendly and green

Processing plant drainage water (the overflow water of thickener and clarify backwater of tailings pond) are returned to production return pool, realizing zero discharge of production wastewater, and avoid environmental pollution.

05Five. Project result

According to the actual situation of this gold mine, Xinhai Mining selected reliable technology, practical, simple, economical and reasonable process and simple-operating, easy-maintenance, high-efficiency, and energy-saving processing equipment. And at the precondition of guaranteeing mineral processing quality, the investment is saved as much as possible. The recovery rate is 87% to 95%. The client is satisfied with this.

Till now, Xinhai Mining has served over 2000 mines, over 500 mineral processing EPC+M+O projects in over 90 countries all over the world, involving over 70 kinds of ores. This cooperation with the Indonesia project, Xinhai Mining firms the development in Laos. Xinhai mineral processing EPC+M+O service is also highly focused by the Laos mining market. In the future, Xinhai Mining will root in the countries of Southeast Asia, taking it as our duty to spread correct mine construction ideas and methods, pushing the practice of Xinhai solution, providing more complete and professional mineral processing EPC+M+O service for global clients and contributing to construct the community of global mining industry development destiny.



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