Summary of Mineral Concentrator Projects taken by Xinhai Mining in 2022

2023-01-16 Xinhai Views (867)

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In 2022, Xinhai Mining once again made outstanding achievements. At the beginning of the new year, let us review some projects undertaken by Xinhai Mining in 2022!

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01Zimbabwe 2 million TPA lithium ore concentrator project


Project overview: In June 2022, Xinhai Mining successfully cooperated with Sinomine Resources and signed a 2 million TPA lithium mine project in Zimbabwe. Xinhai Mining provides customized mining industry chain services including lithium ore beneficiation test research and design, complete equipment manufacturing and procurement, commissioning and delivery, and assists China Mining Resources to further expand lithium ore resource reserves and production scale. It is expected to be completed in June 2023 Delivered and put into production.

02Mongolia 2 million TPA gold mine concentrator project


Project overview: Xinhai Mining provided customized "full mining industry chain services (EPC+M+O)" for Mongolia 2 million TPA gold concentrator project, and provided gold smelting construction engineering design according to customer needs, including process expertise, , civil engineering, electric power, water supply and drainage, heating and other professional design. Under the influence of COVID-19, Xinhai Mining's installation and commissioning team overcame difficulties and arrived at the gold mine project site as soon as possible to participate in and manage the equipment installation and commissioning work and provided professional maintenance and training services.

Xinhai solution: gold ore heap leaching-adsorption-desorption electrolysis-activated carbon pickling and regeneration-smelting process scheme.

03Hebei 2000TPD iron concentrate desulfurization plant project


Project overview: The iron concentrate produced by this project has a high sulfur content, which is difficult to meet the needs of subsequent use, so the customer seeks technical support from Xinhai Mining to obtain more qualified iron concentrate products. After comparing and analyzing several sets of tests, Xinhai Mining put forward a suitable process plan and chemical system for the project, and carried out a tailor-made construction drawing design. Within half a month, the installation and commissioning team completed the installation of all the equipment, passed the process index debugging, and officially put into operation.

Xinhai solution: one-roughing and two-sweeping flotation process.

04Xinjiang 1500TPD lead zinc mine grinding reconstruction project


Project overview: The project has been under construction for many years, and the equipment in the original grinding workshop is old and unable to meet new production needs. Xinhai Mining provided him with the renovation service of the grinding workshop, including three parts: feeding, classifying and grinding, which were rationally configured with the original plant through civil engineering design.

05Mexico 1200TPD gold mine cyanide concentrator project


Project overview: This project is the second cooperation between Xinhai Mining and the client of this project. According to the needs of customers, Xinhai Mining designs and layouts cyanide leaching systems, chemical preparation systems, desorption electrolysis systems, and smelting systems. In order to complete the project and put it into production as soon as possible, Xinhai Mining worked overtime during the limited construction period to produce and deliver equipment, overcome the difficulties during the epidemic, complete the heavy project production tasks ahead of schedule, and effectively promote the project progress.

Xinhai solution: all sliming cyanidation gold extraction process.

06Hunan 800TPD fluorite flotation plant project


Project overview: This project adopts Xinhai Mining one-stop "full mining industry chain service (EPC+M+O)", covering mineral processing process design, equipment manufacturing and procurement, and on-site installation and commissioning. At present, the project is running stably, and the economic indicators and benefits of the concentrator have reached the ideal target of the customer. The customer sent a "thanks letter" to Xinhai Mining technical engineers for the supervision work in place, meticulous professional attitude and height commended for his sense of responsibility.

Xinhai solution: fluorite grinding-gravity classification process solution

07Mongolia 800TPD fluorite flotation plant project


Project overview: Xinhai Mining has impressed customers with its thoughtful service and outstanding capabilities. The customer highly recognized the brand influence and service quality of Xinhai Mining, and chose Xinhai Mining to provide the 800TPD fluorite flotation plant project in Mongolia, including mineral processing test, mine design, complete equipment manufacturing and procurement, commissioning and delivery.

08Malaysia 550TPD lead-zinc ore flotation plant project


Project overview: Following the completion of the company's 700TPD gold ore dressing plant project in 2017, Xinhai Mining cooperated with Malaysia CNMC again. Xinhai Mining tested the ore samples provided by the project, designed the mine in an all-round way according to the test structure, and customized the dressing plant equipment for customers. Under the influence of the epidemic environment, Xinhai Mining's installation and commissioning team overcame difficulties and went to the site Carry out equipment installation and commissioning and provide professional maintenance and training services.

Xinhai solution: crushing and screening - one-stage ball mill two-stage classification grinding process - lead flotation operation - two-stage flotation zinc concentrate - tailings dry stacking process

09Iran 500 TPD gold mine concentrator project


Project overview: Entrusted by the project company, Xinhai Mine provides mining industry chain services (EPC + M + O) including design and research, complete equipment manufacturing and procurement, commissioning and delivery for the 500 TPD gold mine plant project in Iran. After the project was put into operation, the project has achieved good recycling benefits, and the customer is very satisfied with it.

010Jiangxi 300 TPD fluorite flotation plant project


Project overview: Jiangxi 300 TPD fluorite flotation project is one of the important concentrator projects of Xinhai Mine installation in 2021. Xinhai Mine Installation will provide customized whole mining industry chain services for the project, including research and design, manufacturing and procurement of complete sets of equipment, commissioning and delivery, engineering management, and the use of professional and mature mining and selection technology and process to build high-standard green mines.

11Shandong 5TPH carbon slag cryolite comprehensive recovery project


Project overview: Xinhai Mining provided the client with design services, including the design of cryolite flotation production line, equipment foundation, operation platform, pipeline layout design, water supply and drainage system and fire protection system design, power supply and distribution system design, reserved drying system site design and other design services. With the completion of the design, the project equipment manufacturing and procurement work was carried out, and the environmental characteristics of the site were fully considered, and the adaptive transformation of the equipment was carried out to achieve the purpose of comprehensive recovery of electrolytic aluminum carbon slag. During the actual commissioning, the processing capacity of the project reached 4-6t/h, which greatly exceeded the expected goal, and the customer was very satisfied with it.

Xinhai solution: one-stage crushing-one-stage grinding and classification-flotation-carbon powder harmless treatment-carbon powder dehydration-cryolite dehydration process

12Zimbabwe 10TPD gold mine mobile concentrator project


Project overview: This project is another small dressing plant project undertaken by Xinhai Mining. According to the ore distribution characteristics of the project and the actual situation, Xinhai Mining customized gold mine mobile concentrator equipment and provided installation and commissioning services. After feeding and commissioning, it was successfully put into production and obtained good mineral processing indicators.

Xinhai solution: gold mine CIL process.

In 2022, we will bravely forge ahead without fear of obstacles, make every effort to ensure the smooth progress of the project process of each processing plant, and always strive to serve customers at the front line. The ever-expanding market territory and more abundant fruits of victory all demonstrate the tenacity of all Xinhai people. The story of 2022 is coming to an end, and the pen to write 2023 is in our hands. With the start of the new journey, facing new opportunities and challenges, we still need to go forward bravely and strive to be the first with the yearning for brilliance!



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