Xinhai Mining Attended 12th Mongolia Mining 2023 International Mining & Oil Expo

2023-10-08 Xinhai Views (453)

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From October 3rd to 5th, the 12th Mongolia Mining 2023 International Mining & Oil Expo was successfully held in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. The theme of the exhibition was "Mining Cooperation Group-The Key to National Economic Prosperity". Xinhai Mining attended the exhibition with the EPC+M+O service, fully demonstrating Xinhai Mining's one-stop, customized, intelligent solution for mine overall construction and operation. Many guests were interested in it and come forward for consultation!

Mongolia is rich in mineral resources. More than 80 types of minerals including coal, copper, gold, silver and iron have been discovered, and it has the largest rare earth mine. Among them, the reserves of oil, natural gas, gold and copper are among the top ten in the world. Recently, with the unveiling of large-scale mineral deposits in Mongolia, Mongolia's mining market has entered a new stage of development. This time, Xinhai Mining took advantage of the exhibition platform to actively showcase Xinhai Mining's " Turnkey Service for Mineral processing Plant(EPC+M+O)" , advanced equipment and technology to help companies build modern smart mines with huge benefits.

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Xinhai Mining can provide professional research and design services such as mine engineering consultation, mineral processing test and mine design with innovative thinking. Mine design includes mining design, concentrator design and tailings pond design. In response to customer needs, we fully combine the properties of ores and provide innovative process and technology solutions to ensure that the value of each mine is fully exploited, improve the recovery rate of concentrates, and truly realize efficient and green development of mineral resources. Xinhai Mining also supports 3D model and 720-degree VR panoramic concentrator design, allowing customers to see the concentrator site clearly.


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Xinhai Mining can provide customers with manufacturing and procurement of mining and mineral processing equipment, mine materials, tools for installation and maintenance, test laboratory and chemical laboratory, production lines of modular building, steel structure workshop and modular steel structure mineral processing plant, eco-friendly gold leaching reagents, etc. Xinhai Mining has built a new intelligent high-end equipment production center. Using industrial interconnection and Internet of Things technologies build a technology-based factory to establish a benchmark production base in the mining machinery industry, and improve the level of equipment manufacturing. In addition, Xinhai Mining also has capabilities of complete equipment procurement, which can purchase equipment and materials needed for mine construction for customers, reduce procurement costs and improve procurement efficiency.



Xinhai Mining can provide services of civil construction, plant construction, equipment installation and commissioning, and worker training for mining and mineral processing plants. Civil engineering includes mining engineering facilities, mineral processing workshops and other basic infrastructure construction.



According to customer needs, Xinhai Mining can provide full-process management services for the entire EPC project implementation, including integrated services such as mining and dressing design management, equipment manufacturing and procurement management, civil engineering and installation engineering management, and project trial operation management.



According to customer needs, Xinhai Mining can provide comprehensive operation and management services for mining and mineral processing plants. Builing unique and complete global mining service center according to regional needs to provide testing and technical consultation, spare parts and mining consumables, after-sales and project expansion services, etc.



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