Xinhai Mining in 2024 China Kunming South Asia International Coal Equipment and Mining Equipment Expo

2024-05-28 Xinhai Views (296)

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From May 24th to 26th, the 2024 China Kunming South Asia International Coal Equipment and Mining Equipment Expo was held in Kunming, Yunnan. This expo aims to promote green exploration and mine construction, improve the level of mine intelligence, ensure the security of energy resources, and promote the green mining High quality development. Xinhai Mining attended the exhibition with its EPCM+O Service and demonstrated smart mining solutions, mining equipment and intelligent management and control platform from Xinhai Mining. It further promoted the exchange and cooperation of mining equipment and technology.

South Asia International Coal Equipment and Mining Equipment Expo

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01Smart mining solutions of Xinhai Mining

Xinhai Mining's smart mining solutions integrate cutting-edge technologies such as the IoT, VR, big data, intelligent AI analysis, 5G, edge computing, etc., and are committed to providing mining companies with an intelligent, information-based, and unmanned overall solution, detailed design and EPC construction implementation services. Based on the concept of "detection control - collaborative optimization - management and control decision-making", Xinhai Mining has built a multi-level smart mine construction system, which has improved the level of refinement and intelligence of production and management, and significantly improved the economic benefits and social benefits of the company.

Digital management and control platform

02Intelligent mining equipment of Xinhai Mining

In the mining equipment industry, automation, intelligence and refinement have become the main development trends. Xinhai Mining Automation Product R&D and Manufacturing Base has strong capabilities for equipment R&D, designing and processing and manufacturing, and can customize complete sets of automation equipment for projects. Xinhai Mining Automation professional technicians have successfully developed grinding and classifying automation systems, flotation liquid level and aeration volume control systems, flotation automatic dosing machines, thickener automatic control systems, etc., which can be connected to the Internet of Things cloud platform. Realize the deep integration of "Smart+" and equipment manufacturing.

Flotation automation system

03Intelligent management and control platform of Xinhai Mining

The intelligent management and control platform developed by Xinhai Mining is the intelligent center of mine management. The platform not only improves the stability and safety of production, but also greatly improves management efficiency. Based on the Internet of Things technology, the platform has built a smart factory selection management and control system to realize data collection, transmission, integration and analysis of the entire beneficiation factory, and carry out intelligent management and control of personnel, equipment, materials, energy and logistics. Through 3D scene construction, digital twin technology and large-screen display systems, the platform provides comprehensive digital inspection and real-time monitoring functions, provides mining companies with strong technical support and decision-making basis, optimizes resource allocation, and achieves intelligent management promotes the smart model of safe and efficient production and green mines.

Intelligent management and control platform of Xinhai Mining

Xinhai Mining will continue to be committed to the development of automation, intelligence and refinement, and contribute to the green and high-quality development of the global mining industry. Xinhai will continue to promote the intelligent upgrading of the mining equipment industry, optimize smart mining solutions, strengthen the research and development and application of intelligent management and control platforms, and provide mining companies with comprehensive and efficient management services to achieve safe, efficient and environmentally friendly mining production. In many domestic and foreign mining projects, automated and intelligent solutions have been successfully applied and achieved remarkable results, providing new ideas and solutions for the sustainable development of the industry.



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