Introduction of Titano magnetite Beneficiation Flow Chat

2015-11-24 Xinhai Views (1417)

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In the 1940s, flotation method of vanadium titano magnetite is successfully applied to the industrial production. Before flotation of vanadium titano magnetite, sulfides in the ore could be floated with flotation method first, and the tailings are used for vanadium titano magnetite flotation. To acquire high qualified vanadium titano concentrate, which contains TiO247%-49%, kinds of flotation methods could be adopted, according to differences of physical properties of minerals.

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01Gravity separation and flotation combined method

During the process of gravity separation, materials of coarser particle size are processed, with reliable production and low cost. Even though the cost of flotation process is higher, it suitable for finer particle size materials. Gravity separation and flotation combined method contribute to acquiring TiO2 whose grade is more than 45%, and titan concentrate whose operation recovery is about 67%. Graph of vanadium titano magnetite beneficiation flow chart is shown below.

02Magnetic separation and flotation combined method

Because of heavy consumption of reagent for vanadium titano magnetite direct flotation, the cost of reagent takes up almost 50% of production cost. Therefore, magnetic separation should be adopted in advance to disport 50% tailings, reducing the amount of flotation ore, which helps to reduce the amount of reagent, improving the feeding grade, and reducing the production cost of titan beneficiation. Magnetic beneficiation has the effect of declining, and this effect is superior to that of hydrocyclone. Graph of vanadium titano magnetite beneficiation flow chart is shown below.

03Classification combined method

In the classification combined method, after the classifying of hydrocyclone, magnetic tailings whose particle size is more than 0.1mm are adopted gravity-electric combined flow chart, in order to get titanium concentration. Because of the specific resistance of vanadium titano magnetite different 8 magnitudes from that of titanaugite, and 9 magnitudes from that of plagioclase, it provides favorable conditions for electrical separation. The materials whose particle size is less than 0.1mm should be adopted magnetic separation and flotation combined flow chart to get titanium concentration. This kind of flow chat has advantages that index is stable and reliable, the recovery rate of fine particle size titanomagnetite is high. Therefore, the comprehensive index of iron concentration is high.

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