Gravity Processing of Hematite Rock Processing Equipment

2015-12-09 Xinhai Views (1397)

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Spiral chute is common hematite rock processing equipment used in gravity processing, this hemaitite rock processing equipment covers small area, has simple structure, does not need motivation, etc, also in the production practice, the installation is simple, the operation is simple and the maintenance is convenient. Therefore, the application of hematite rock processing of the spiral chute is very extensive. In the hemaitite rock processing, the spiral chute is often used in prior to hematite ore processing flotation to remove fine slime in a slurry and prepare for subsequent flotation. Here is a brief introduction of hematite processing equipment -spiral chute structure, working process, and the working principle.

Spiral chute of -hemaitite ore processing machine, the main components for the spiral chute, the cross-section shape is a cubic parabola. Compared with a spiral concentrator, the bottom surface of the spiral chute is more smooth and it is suitable for processing material of - 0.2 mm particle size. The hematite rock processing recovery limit can reach 20 to 30 mum. In a production process, slurry pump is often used to convey slurry to the sorting device which is at the top of the spiral chute, then the sorting device will convey slurry into the spiral chute. Under the action of gravity, slurry does spiral movement early downward the spiral chute, in the slurry water exists circular motion in two different directions, one is around the vertical direction to do rotary movement, also in the section of the chute of the hematite rock processing, the upper part of the water toward the outside of the movement, and the lower part of the water to the internal motion. After the slurry goes into the chute, its internal mineral particles need to complete the stratification, zoning and achieve the balance of the three processes to realize the processing, eventually makes the fine light mineral distribute in the outside part of the chute, heavy mineral distribute in the interior part. Next will introduce the three processes of hematite rock processing.

Stratification: after hematite layered into the chute of the minerals, under the action of gravity, usually heavy mineral is in the bottom of the chute, light mineral distribute on the slurry surface, and this process is generally completed in the first circle. Zoning, Light and heavy minerals in the cross section of the chute expanding and separating, and the centrifugal acceleration of the heavy minerals is small, in the process of sorting it goes toward the inner edge of the spiral chute, while light minerals has larger centrifugal acceleration, so it moves toward the outer edge of the spiral chute. This process is usually completed on the last lap. Reach balance, at this stage, mineral particles in the cross section of the chute no longer have basic motion, from outside to inside its final distribution are fine-grained heavy minerals, coarse heavy minerals, fine light minerals, coarse light minerals, slime.

Spiral chute has wide application in hematite processing, due to the surface of the chute is easy to wear, glass steel chute, wear-resistant rubber liner, and polyurethane rubber are commonly used to protect the table. Xinhai has high-quality spiral chute of hematite ore processing, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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