Hematite Wet Processing Flotation Equipment

2015-12-09 Xinhai Views (1359)

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At present, almost all weak hematite iron ore separation adopt wet process. Hematite wet separation technology are hemaitite flotation magnetic separation and hematite flotation separation, so hematite ore wet process equipment mainly are hemaitite iron ore magnetic separation and hematite iron ore flotation cells.

hemaitite iron ore Magnetic separation equipment in hematite wet process that widely used are hemaitite iron ore wet drum magnetic separator, hematite iron ore vertical ring high gradient pulsating magnetic separation machine. In the hematite iron ore wet drum magnetic separator, there are CTB (semi Ni Liu) series, CTN (Ni Liu) series, CTS (Shun Liu) series, because of the CTB series cylinder magnetic separator of hematite flotation. Due to the hematite iron ore concentrate grade and recovery rate are high, so hematite flotation is widely used. Vertical ring high gradient pulsating magnetic separator of hematite flotation has strong and middle magnetic field, and they have advantages hematite process like with magnetic field strength, deep magnetic field, and not easy to be blocked. Currently it occupies most of the strong magnetic separator market.

hematite flotation equipment of hematite ore wet hematite processing equipment are: self inspiratory mechanical stirring type flotation machine, pneumatic mechanical agitation type flotation machine, flotation column, and vacuum type flotation machine. The aeration and mixing of the self - suction mechanical agitation flotation machine is completed by the rotor and stator, without the addition of the pneumatic device. The structure of it is simple, but the wear is large, and the aeration rate is not easy to adjust. The mixing of the pneumatic mechanical agitation flotation machine is accomplished by the impeller rotation, while the aeration is accomplished by the external blower, and the air charging capacity can be adjusted. The rotor and the stator of the rotor are less wear, but the device is more complex, and the configuration is troublesome; In recent years, the flotation column shows advantages like large treatment, good flotation index, saving energy, and a series of advantages, the application is more and more widely used in the mine. The application of vacuum hematite flotation machine in the production practice is less.Xinhai Mining company is an international well-known hematite flotation machinery manufacturers, it produces specifications of the various types of magnetic separation equipment and flotation equipment such as hematite wet hematite process equipment, the hematite flotation equipment has advantages like: low energy consumption, high work rate and maintenance rate low, abrasion resistance, long service life, high performance price ratio, etc., greatly reducing the equipment cost of ore dressing plant and mineral processing cost, and makes the benefit of the mines to achieve the maximization. If you are interested the Xinhai mineral processing equipment, quickly call the telephone consultation and ordering it!



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