Analyze of the Iron Ore Mining of Xinhai

2015-12-11 Xinhai Views (1366)

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There are many iron ore flotation and iron ore mining process and every mine have different flotation process. This essay will analyze the examples of the iron ore or iron ore mine flotation of for reference.

This mine processed by Xinhai iron ore mining team began to strengthen the plan of research schedule for its development to get the pellets with 63.8% iron and 7.5% SiO2 as well as the iron concentration with SiO2 7.0% to 7.5% from the magnetite ore with with 22% magnetite in the iron ore mine which is very satisfactory at that time. The tentative of the semi-industry shows that the ideal content of silica accounts for 90% of below 500 mu after grinding in the iron ore mine. As a result of the grinding to such a fine grinding process is not possible with a conventional rod mill in the iron ore mining, so the semi-industrial study will adopt the second stage whole self-grinding and the industrial process will adopt the one stage self-grinding in the iron ore mining.

When mining iron ore, for the sake of insurance, all possible solutions will be examined, and the study of the flotation of animes to improve the grade of the final magnetic concentrate in the iron ore mining. In the laboratory work, it is hoped that the usage of the amine as a collector is promising. The study of the semi-autogenous grinding shows that the concentration of magnetic separation in the iron ore mining can be improved by using the amine collector to a satisfactory result. Because semi-industrial experiment without flotation can meet the grade requirement in the iron ore mining, the flotation process is not included in the early stage of the selection process. The grade of the concentration and the water that the slum ball requires is difficult to ensure in the iron ore mining, so the second flotation cell is installed in the process of grinding and selecting and the long experiment begins.

One section of flotation will be adopted in the iron ore mining and the flotation feeding will not remove the mud and mixing slurry in advance when mining iron ore. Amine collector and the collector are added directly to the mine box. As two flotation cells obtain the fine effect, the study was made to ensure how many flotations will be needed in every series. It shows that it is enough to use five flotation cells in the iron ore mining, but six flotation cells are installed in the iron ore mine. The experiments show that the specific surface area lower than the flotation ore which is easy to filter in the process of iron ore mining. a certain coarse ore can obtain the qualified concentration after grinding, so the flotation is not necessary to improve the grade of the ore.

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