Analysis and Discussion of Reusing the Iron Ore Tailings

2015-12-14 Xinhai Views (1923)

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Reusing the iron ore tailing has always been a problem puzzling all iron factories of China. The writer of this essay will analyze and discuss the reusing of the iron ore tailing and iron ore tailings thickener.

Basically, the main questions of limiting all iron ore factories are cost and benefit in reusing the iron ore tailing. We had better use the principle of recycling economy. Recycling economy is also called resource recycling economy. It means the needed resource for production obtains the usage value to achieve the reusing and reduce the discharge of waste by the way of recycling. Developing the recycling economy should take the circular economy concept as guiding ideology and integrate the measures of clean production and environment protection to form a set of system strategy, adjust the industrial structure and layout, optimize the economic structure as well as transfer the traditional linear growth economy only depending the resource consumption to ecological circular economy. It is feasible to use the circular economy mode to reuse the tailing of metal mines. The connotation of the circular economy is investing and discharging less to obtain bigger resource utilization and less effect of environment.

After analysis and research, we get a few of ways of recycling the iron ore tailing:

First, we can beneficiate the tailing to get the useful metals. With the development and progress of the ore-dressing technology, some previous tailing can be re-elected to recover the useful metal elements and nonmetal elements. For there are too many lean ore and associated ore among the metal ore. As the low beneficiation technology before, there are much useful metal remaining which has great recycled potential. Second, the tailings also can be used as building materials. The common wall bricks are one of the largest amounts of building materials which are used in the architecture. Therefore, it is a fine idea to use the mine tailings to make bricks and there are many advantages of it that are a simple process and low price. Third, the tailing can be also used as filling material. Taking the mine tailing as raw material and applying the cementation fulling technology, it is very cheap for the mine tailing to be the fulling materials under the premise of protecting the environment. Of course, there are many ways to recycle the iron ore tailing. And I believe the tailing recycling will develop towards the substantial, environmental protection and circulation with the progress of science and technology. Let us look forward to it.

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