Overview on Basic Knowledge of Iron Ore Mining Reverse Flotation Reagent

2015-12-17 Xinhai Views (1586)

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There are a lot of iron ore mining methods, such as the gravitymagnetic separationflotation of iron mining etc. The iron mining flotation technology is widely used in the iron ore mining. Generally speaking, the iron ore mines in our country has fine overall size, complex composition, high impurity content and low grade. In order to solve the problem of the difficulty of iron ore  mining  in our country, the researchers have abandoned the traditional ideas of the flotation of iron minerals. After 50 years of development,  they study the reverse flotation process by some reagent to treat the  gangue minerals in the slurry. The core of the reverse iron mining flotation is surely the reverse flotation reagent. This essay will focus on the basic knowledge of the iron minerals flotation reagent hoping to have a certain significance for the future development of iron ore mines reverse flotation.

It is known that silicate collectors are mainly treated with iron mining silicate minerals, While angue mineral in the iron ore is silicate minerals, we often use silicate collectors to carry out the reverse flotation of iron ore mines. Silicate collector is mainly divided into cationic collector and anionic collector, the origin of their name is determined by the type of hydrophobic group in the water after the liberation of the drug. The hydrophobic group of the cationic collector is the cation, and the hydrophobic group of the anionic collector is the anion. The reverse iron mining flotation process of cationic collector is simple and reasonable as well as the operation adjustment is convenient. Cooperating with the magnetic separation and other  mining  processes and complementing each others advantages, it forms a series of iron ore  mining  process and the effect is very good. Cationic collector is often a single collector, and the system is relatively simple and easy to adjust. The anionic collector is made up of many collectors in a certain proportion which has strong adaptability to the flotation conditions and ore properties. The flotation effect is very good and the final efficiency is also very high.In recent years, the development of new type of reverse flotation reagents is very popular. In terms of the trend of development, the reverse flotation reagent of iron mining is developing towards the diversification and compounding. The modern study direction is that using two kinds of reverse flotation reagent to mix into a new compound pharmacy in a certain proportion. With the success of the new type of iron ore mines reverse flotation reagents, it will lead to the increasing efficiency of the reverse iron mining flotation process, the  mining  of various refractory iron ore will not be difficult.

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