3 Aspects Affecting Fluorite Ore Flotation

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Fluorite ore, as an important non-metallic ore, can be applied in metallurgy, chemistry, paper making, optics and other industrial fields. With the increasing demand, improving the recovery rate of fluorite ore is one of the important ways to meet the demand of the industry. Flotation separation technology is one of the most commonly used technologies in fluorite ore separation, but there are many factors in the flotation process affecting its effect, including ore characteristics, selection and correct use of beneficiation agents, operation parameters and equipment design during flotation. This paper mainly explains the factors affecting the fluorite flotation from these three aspects to help you better understand the fluorite ore flotation technology.


(Fluorite ore)

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01Ore characteristics of fluorite ore

The characteristics of ore are one of the factors directly affecting the fluorite ore flotation. Among them, the size, shape, density, composition and surface properties of ore particles will all affect the flotation efficiency, and these factors determine the effect between ore particles and flotation agents and bubbles. The size and shape of fluorite particles mainly affect the contact area between bubbles and ore particles, which then affects the bubble attachment and flotation efficiency. The composition of the ore determines whether the fluorite ore is easily adsorbed by drugs. Because of the different composition, some minerals will be adsorbed, while some ore components are inhibited. The surface properties of the ore affect the hydrophilic or hydrophobic nature of the bubble attachment, which determines whether the ore particles can be brought to the liquid surface by the bubble. Understanding the characteristics of fluorite ore has an important influence in improving and optimizing the efficiency of flotation separation.


(Beneficiation test)

02Flotation agent of fluorite ore

Choosing appropriate flotation agent and establishing appropriate pharmaceutical system are effective ways to improve the flotation efficiency and selectivity of fluorite ore. The selection of suitable flotation agents mainly involves collector, regulator and foam agent. The collector can adjust the hydrophilicity of the ore surface, making it easier for the ore particles to combine with the bubbles and float up. Regulators can change the chemical environment during the flotation process and affect the flotation performance of ore particles. Foam agent can adjust the size and stability of the bubble, affecting the attachment and separation of the bubble and the ore. Different agents have different effects on ore flotation, so appropriate flotation agent and correct agent adding system should be selected, so as to achieve efficient flotation.


(Flotation separation system)

03Fluorite ore flotation operation parameters and equipment design

Operating parameters and equipment design directly affect the flotation efficiency and separation results. The operating parameters include the stirring strength, bubble size and pH value of the flotation machine, while the equipment design involves the bubble generator, agitrer and other equipment.

The stirring strength and bubble size mainly affect the contact between the bubbles and the ore particles. Excessive stirring may cause the bubbles to rise to the liquid surface too quickly, while too small bubbles may not make full contact with the ore particles. Adjusting the stirring strength and bubble size to facilitate good contact between the bubbles and ore particles may improve flotation efficiency and selectivity.

The pH value is another important operating parameter, which affects the chemical properties of the flotation reagent and the surface properties of the ore particles. Adjusting the pH value can change the charge of the ore surface, thus affecting the adsorption of the agent and the flotation performance of the ore particles. Proper pH regulation can optimize the interaction between ore and bubble.


(Operation of flotation separation)

In terms of equipment design, the design of bubble generator and stirrer will affect the formation of bubble and the uniform mixing of suspension. The size and distribution of bubble generator directly affect the attachment effect of bubbles. The design of the stirrer affects the uniform distribution of ore particles and reagents in the suspension, ensuring that they are in full contact throughout the flotation process.

Reasonable adjustment of operation parameters and equipment design can achieve better flotation effect. By optimizing these factors, the efficiency of flotation, the separation effect and the economic benefits of mineral treatment can be improved.

The above are the three factors that affect the flotation of fluorite ore. In the actual production, there will be more aspects to affect the sorting effect. Therefore, it is recommended to conduct beneficiation test and customize the fluorite flotation process according to the results of beneficiation test, so as to improve the flotation effect, fluorite recovery rate and resource utilization rate. Xinhai Mining can provide “Turn-key Service for Mineral Processing Plant (EPC+M+O) "of fluorite ore for concentrators, including beneficiation test and design, complete equipment manufacturing and procurement, commissioning and delivery, and mine management and operation.



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