Flotation Cell is Key Equipment in Mineral Processing Equipment of Lead-zinc Ore

2017-12-29 Xinhai Views (1755)

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Lead-zinc ore is a kind of metal mineral which is rich in lead and zinc. Currently, the lead-zinc minerals having been discovered is more than 250 among which only 17 kinds of it can take advantaged. The lead and zinc as the important raw material of metal, has a wide application in such fields as electricity, machinery, military affairs, metallurgy and chemical industry. Beneficiation process differs with the different components of the lead-zinc ore. So does the mineral processing equipment of the lead-zinc ore. As the lead-zinc ore is related to the flotation, the following will focus on the simple introduction of the flotation cells.

For the flotation cells in the process of the lead-zinc ore, it must possess such advantages as large production capacity, low energy consumption, wear-resistance, simple structure, easy maintenance and low costs except for the reliable work. By the flotation practice experience and the study of the fluid dynamics within the flotation cells, the flotation cells in the lead-zinc mineral processing equipment must have four basic requirements as followings:

1. Having fine inflatable performance

2. Having sufficient stirring speed

3. Can make bubbles have a proper distance to form a relatively stable bubble area.

4. Can work continuously and easy to adjust

In the flotation process, the bubbles are not only the separation interface which the mineral particles selectively adhere to but also the carrier and transportation vehicles. The flotation cells must take in enough air and make the air evenly disperse into a large number of small bubbles with suitable lifting speed in the slurry. In order to promote the mineral particles to suspend in the flotation cells and distribute uniformly, the slurry should be stirred fully. Mixing strength should be appropriate to avoid affecting the formation of mineralized bubbles and reducing the flotation index. The bubbles in the slurry should have proper distance when moving to increase the opportunity for the selective attachment of the bubbles and mineral particles and increase the utilization of air bubbles. Balance bubble zone with a certain thickness should be guaranteed on the surface of the pulp so as to the hydrophobic particles can be stranded. 

The lead-zinc mineral processing equipment can fully meet the need of the customers and has obtained consistently high praise of vast numbers of users in the practice.  



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