Flotation Process Flow in the Extraction of Silver

2020-03-18 Xinhai Views (1782)

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As to the extraction of silver, the flotation method is generally used for the extraction of independent Ag deposit, while the combined process of single flotation method and floatation-gravity separation method and floatation-cyanidation method are used for the extraction of the common and associated silver. But the flotation process is still the most important silver extraction process.

The extraction of silver usually needs crushing, grinding and extraction three stages. The main equipment used in the extraction of silver includes jaw crusher, ball mill, spiral classifier, flotation machine, thickener, dewatering machine and other equipment. Here is the whole flotation process flow used in the extraction of silver:

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01Crushing stage for extraction of silver

Under the action of vibrating feeder, the mined silver ore is sent to the jaw crusher evenly for primary coarse crushing processing, and then sent to the cone crusher for fine crushing by belt conveyor. Then, the silver material is sent to the circular vibrating screen by belt conveyor for reasonable screening, those qualified particle sizes of silver particles directly enter the next process, those unqualified particle sizes of silver particles will be returned to the crusher machine for re-crushing.

crusher machine

02Grinding stage for extraction of silver

The qualified silver particles under the action of the pendulum feeder and conveyor are continuously sent into the ball mill for grinding processing, then sent into the spiral classifier for classification for removing the impurities. Only the material that meets the requirements is sent to the next working procedure, the material that cannot meet the requirements is sent to the ball mill for re-grinding.Stage grinding can be used in the grinding stage of silver extraction, which can improve the concentrate index. Under the condition of rough grinding, the mixed roughing is carried out. The coarse concentrate is sent to cleaning after the re-grinding process. The amount of coarse concentrate sent to re-grinding is small, and the monomer dissociation of the mineral can be realized, so the concentrate with high grade and high recovery can be obtained and energy consumption can be saved at the same time.

silver extraction

03Silver extraction stage

The qualified silver ore pulp from the ball mill machine is sent to the agitation tank for full mixing, and then sent to the flotation machine. Adding the corresponding flotation reagent to the flotation machine, the floated concentrate is sent to the thickener for full concentration and precipitation, and then sent to the dewatering machine for drying and dewatering, so as to get the qualified silver concentrate.

In order to improve the recovery rate of independent silver extraction, the process used in the extraction of silver can be improved in three ways. First, according to the disseminated feature, the silver shall be fully disintegrated as much as possible. Second, choose the neutral or weak alkaline flotation pulp alkalinity and choose sodium carbonate as the flotation pulp regulator to improve the floatability of silver. Third, the combination of xanthate and black powder is used to enhance the collecting ability of silver.

flotation machine

For the extraction of silver, strengthens the flotation process can improve the grade of silver concentrate. Strictly adopting the reagent system in the roughing stage, control the reagent dosage, and recover the concentrate as soon as possible, which can reduce the loss of multiple cycles and inaction. Making full use of the secondary enrichment of foam, and wash the concentrate foam to reduce the impurities by adding water, so as to enhance the flotation effect.

Stage flotation and multiple recovery can also be used in the extraction of silver. By means of multiple-stage separation, the useful minerals of different grades can be recovered as much as possible, thus improving the concentration index.

Here is the common flotation process in the extraction of silver. It is suggested that each owner shall carry on the mineral processing test to determine the specific process flow, so as to obtain the best mineral processing indexes and economic benefit.



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