A Kind of Ore Processing Flow for Granite Feldspar Ore Beneficiation

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Granite is a type of igneous rock, which is a crystalline rock formed by the gradual cooling and condensation of magma deep in the earth's crust. Its main mineral components are quartz, feldspar and mica. Its color is mostly yellow, flesh red, pink, etc., and occasionally gray. It can be widely used in glass, ceramics and other fields. However, for industrial application of granite, it is necessary to remove impurities and purify feldspar. So what is the ore processing flow of  granite-type feldspar ore beneficiation? You can know about the process flow well from the following.

flotation cell machine working on site

Generally, for this type of feldspar ore, the process flow of crushing - grinding - classification - flotation (removal of iron, mica) - flotation (quartz, feldspar separation) is often used. Taking a granite mine as an example, its technological process is as follow.

jaw crushing equipment used in ore dressing plant

Use the table of contents below to navigate through the guide:

01Granite feldspar mine crushing process

The crushing process of the feldspar mine mainly includes two stages: crushing and screening. Its technological process adopts three stages and one closed circuit crushing. After the minerals are sent from the storage bin to the feeder, they are sent to the first stage of crushing by the feeder to achieve mineral dissociation as much as possible. After reaching a reasonable particle size, the ore is sent to the second-stage crushing operation by the 1# belt conveyor, and the crushed product is screened by a vibrating screen. Qualified materials are sent to the third-stage crushing, and unqualified materials are returned to the second-stage crushing operation by the belt conveyor for re-crushing. When the three-stage crushing is completed, it enters the storage bin for the convenience of subsequent grinding operations.

xinhai rod mill installed in ore dressing plant

02Granite feldspar mine grinding/classification process

The main purpose of the grinding process is to further grind the crushed mineral particles to achieve full dissociation between feldspar and other minerals to achieve optional particle size requirements. There are usually two stages of grinding closed-circuit process in this stage. The crushed product is sent to a wet rod mill for grinding. After grinding, hydraulic classification equipment is used to control the content of over-crushed particle size, so as to meet the particle size requirements of glass and ceramic raw materials. Finally, the minerals realize monomer dissociation and enter the sorting stage.

flotation machine in ore beneficiation company

03Granite feldspar flotation stage

Flotation utilizes the difference in potential of quartz, feldspar and mica minerals in different environments. With the help of surfactants, it is selectively adsorbed on the surface of feldspar and mica minerals, so that the surface of such minerals is hydrophobic and adheres to the air bubbles, thereby realizing the separation of the two. This stage is mainly divided into two parts. One of the flotation operations is mainly for the purpose of removing iron and mica. The other section is to achieve the effective separation of quartz and feldspar.

Flotation of feldspar to remove iron and mica: After the product is removed from fine mud, the process of one coarsening and two refining is used to recover mica and obtain mica concentrate. Then the magnetic separation method is used to remove the magnetic iron material.

spiral classifier used for mineral beneficiation

Flotation feldspar/quartz separation: fluorine-free flotation is used for the pretreated mineral particles, sulfuric acid or hydrofluoric acid is added as a regulator, and an ammonium salt collector is added for slurry flotation. It floats up in the form of foam, and collects the feldspar that floats to realize the separation of feldspar and quartz minerals. Then carry out slurry mixing, and add amine salts and petroleum sulfonates anion and cation mixed collectors for reverse flotation to obtain quartz concentrate. The tailings part is feldspar concentrate.

liner vibrating screening machine manufactured from xinhai

The above is an introduction to the beneficiation process of granite feldspar ore. In the actual beneficiation plant, the feldspar ore is different according to the type of minerals, the nature of the ore, and the impurity ore contained, and the selected feldspar beneficiation process is also different. The beneficiation plant needs to design the beneficiation process plan and suitable complete sets of beneficiation equipment after analyzing the properties of the ore, so as to obtain a reasonable quartz sand ore.



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