The Harm of Ore Tailings and Comprehensive Utilization Way

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As important strategic materials, mineral resources have been used in all aspects of people's social life. With the continuous development of social economy, the demand for mineral resources in many industries is also increasing, which has caused a sharp decrease in mineral resource reserves and also caused the massive production and accumulation of tailings. Tailings are products obtained during the mineral processing process. If they are discarded as useless products, it will cause a waste of resources. Because the tailings contain a large number of valuable components, the tailings can be reproduced as long as economic and technical conditions allow. Achieve sustainable development of mineral resources. The following will introduce you to the hazards of tailings accumulation noise and ways to utilize it.

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01Dangers of ore tailings stacking

ore tailings reprocessing technology

1. Occupies a large amount of land and has high maintenance costs

Tailings are mainly processed by being piled in tailings ponds, which means that a large amount of land will be occupied. As the amount of tailings gradually increases, the risk of damage to the surrounding environment will also increase.

2. Pollute the environment

In addition to occupying a large amount of land area and losing valuable components, tailings ponds also threaten social and environmental safety. The accumulation of tailings can easily cause soil erosion, river blockage, water pollution and other problems, causing damage to the local ecological environment. Due to the small particle size of tailings, long-term stacking will cause water seepage and wind flying, affecting the normal life of surrounding residents, causing groundwater pollution, increasing airborne particles, and reducing the fertility of nearby farmland.

3. Waste of mineral resources

There are a large number of useful components in the tailings, but the raw ore is of low grade and is dominated by the symbiosis of multiple components. Comprehensive recovery of useful components in the tailings will bring economic benefits.

02Comprehensive utilization of ore tailings

1. Tailings reprocessing

It can be seen from the above that tailings contain a large amount of valuable elements and are a potential mineral resource. Faced with the decline in raw ore grade, the selection

with the current situation of increasing mining costs, many mineral processing plants choose to reprocess the stockpiled tailings if economic and technical conditions permit. The tailings are already very fine in particle size and can be directly sorted.

2. Used as building materials

Iron tailings raw materials can be turned into tailings bricks after sintering. Tailings can also be used as paving materials. Most tailings can meet production requirements with little or no processing. Using tailings as paving materials can quickly relieve the pressure on the tailings reservoir. Silicon, sodium, potassium, etc. contained in iron tailings are raw materials for producing glass. They can also be used to produce decorative tiles, glazed wall tiles, etc.

3. Use as soil conditioner

Most tailings contain varying degrees of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, etc. They are trace elements needed for plant growth. After some processing and application to the soil, they will be beneficial to plant growth and promote soil nutrition. Component transformation and absorption. It has the effect of improving soil and fertilizing land in areas with barren land, so this type of tailings is an ideal raw material for preparing soil conditioners. The magnetite in iron ore tailings has magnetic properties. Adding it to the soil can activate the magnetic particle structure and improve the structure, porosity and air permeability of the soil.

4. Used for underground filling and soil covering to create fields

The process of using tailings as underground filling is to fill the mined-out area with tailings. This process is simple, low-cost and reduces filling costs.

ore tailings reprocessing system

While reducing the overall mine production cost, it also reduces the dilution rate and loss rate of ore and improves the recovery rate. At the same time, the amount of tailings stockpile is reduced, which improves the utilization of tailings resources in the mine. Using tailings to fill goafs is also a form of resource protection, and can be mined and reused again when economic and technical conditions develop in the future.

The above content is a brief introduction to the hazards of ore tailings accumulation and ways to utilize them. According to the composition of the tailings, using reasonable technology to process the tailings and using it in the right place can not only improve the utilization rate of mineral resources, but also bring economic benefits to the mineral processing plant. Xinhai Mining recommends conducting a tailings beneficiation test to determine its composition characteristics and then customize a tailings treatment plan.



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