Energy Saving Ball Mill

Press Filter

[Introduction]: A dewatering equipment that uses the slurry pump pressure to make liquid filter cloth come out, including chamber press filter and plate press filter

[Capacity]: 20~1000m²

[Improvement]: Casted by a plastic steel filter plate of a hydraulic chamber filter press; high temperature resistance, high pressure, durable;programmable control, automatic operation.



Chamber filter press takes filter cloth as the medium to separate solid and liquid. It is a separating machine with wide rang of particle size. The filter cloth spreads in a filter board surface, it is supported by the swelling groove of filter board, when the filter board is clamped, filter cloth turns to seal materials, and the cavity between every two filter board forms a separated filter room. During the filter processing, the materials come through the central opening into filter room, the filtrate flow by the feeding pressure, flow out of the filter board after converged. Chamber filter press can be divided into two types according to filtrate discharging ways: open channel flow and under channel flow.

Plate and frame press filter separate the solid from the liquid in filter form. It is a separating machine with wide rang of particle size. Materials come through the filter room that made up of filter board and filter frame. Under the pressure of feeding materials, the filtrate flow through the medium that made up of filter board and filter frame-fiber gap of the filter cloth, arriving at the pattern surface, flow out of the filter board after converged. The solid left in the filter frame forms filter cake. Plate and frame filter can be divided into two types according to filtrate discharging ways: open channel flow and under channel flow.


ModelFilter Area
Number of Filter
Spec. of Membrane Filter
Plate (mm)
Filter Cake Thickness
Volume of Filter
Chamber (m3)
Overall Dimension
XM/AZ 20/800U2020800×800×60300.2870.5~1.63500×1350×11602.22750
XM/AZ 30/800U30300.4534110×1350×11603130
XM/AZ 40/800U40400.6054720×1350×11603420
XM/AZ 50/800U50500.7565330×1350×11603700
XM/AZ 60/800U60600.9075940×1350×11604110
XM/AZ 70/800U70701.0596550×1350×11604400
XM/AZ 80/800U80801.217160×1350×11604740
XM/AZ 40/900U4032900×900×60300.590.5~1.64230×1480×12802.24500
XM/AZ 50/900U50400.754720×1480×12804800
XM/AZ 60/900U60470.885150×1480×12805100
XM/AZ 70/900U70631.196120×1480×12805700
XM/AZ 60/1000U60381000×1000×60300.90.5~1.65450×1560×13602.27080
XM/AZ 80/1000U80501.196180×1560×13607830
XM/AZ 100/1000U100621.486910×1560×13608680
XM/AZ 120/1000U120751.87710×1560×13609250
XM/AZ 125/1250U120461250×1250×65321.90.5~1.66500×1770×1620410900
XM/AZ 150/1250U150582.417290×1770×162011800
XM/AZ 180/1250U180692.888020×1770×162012700
XM/AZ 200/1250U200773.228550×1770×162013300
XM/AZ 220/1250U220843.519010×1770×162013900
XM/AZ 250/1250U250953.989740×1770×162014800
XM/AZ 300/1500U300771500×1500×70324.760.5~1.610040×2400×18005.526500
XM/AZ 320/1500U320835.1410460×2400×180027190
XM/AZ 340/1500U340885.4510820×2400×180027880
XM/AZ 350/1500U350905.5810960×2400×180028230
XM/AZ 380/1500U380986.0811530×2400×180029260
XM/AZ 400/1500U4001036.3911880×2400×180029950
XM/AZ 450/1500U4501167.2112810×2400×180031670
XM/AZ 500/1500U5001287.9613660×2400×180033390
XM/AZ 560/2000U560802000×2000×834011.160.5~1.610600×2900×24501156500
XM/AZ 600/2000U6008612.0112110×2900×245058000
XM/AZ 630/2000U6309012.5812440×2900×245059000
XM/AZ 670/2000U6709613.4312950×2900×245060500
XM/AZ 710/2000U71010114.1313370×2900×245062000
XM/AZ 750/2000U75010714.9813870×2900×245063300
XM/AZ 800/2000U80011415.9714460×2900×245065200
XM/AZ 850/2000U85012116.9615050×2900×245067000
XM/AZ 900/2000U90012817.9515640×2900×245069000
XM/AZ 950/2000U95013518.9416220×2900×245070600
XM/AZ 1000/2000U100014219.9216810×2900×245072300
XM/AZ 1060/2000U106015121.217570×2900×245074500
XM/AZ 1120/2000U112015922.3318240×2900×245076800
XM/AZ 1180/2000U118016823.6119000×2900×245079000




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