The common faults and causes of ceramic filter

2014-12-05 Xinhai Views (1650)

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The factors affect ceramic filter including ceramic plate pickling and fault time. Therefore, we must reduce the fault time to improve the operation rate. Xinhai finds out the most essential causes for these faults.

Common faults and main causes:

1, Vacuum degree of ceramic filter is too low to fulfill the production requirement. Main causes: leakage of vacuum pipe; circulating water of vacuum pump is insufficient; wear of vacuum pump impeller, wear of allocation head, breakage of ceramic plate, etc.

2, The backwash water pressure is low or fluctuating. Main causes: blockage or leakage of backwash water piping system, wear of allocation head

3, Liquid level of filtrate tank is high. Main causes: wear of circulating water pump impeller and pump casing; insufficient air pressure so that the water discharge valve cannot open or drainage pipe is broken; leakage of pipes between filtrate tank and the circulating water pump

4, Ceramic plate of ceramic filter is not clean by ultrasonic cleaning. Main causes: the power box has faults; power supply insurance burned; circuit aging; transducing head burn; ultrasonic box breakdown, low slurry tank level;

5, Acid pump doesn't work properly and backwash water goes back to acid barrel. Main causes: acid pump switch is not open; wear of diaphragm, low frequency, wear of check valve.

After knowing these causes of the faults, owners should pay more attentions on these problem. Xinhai gives the right direction of regular maintenances of ceramic filter, which will bring better production index for the whole projects. If you want to ask more technical problems of ceramic filter, please contact with Xinhai Company.



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