How to Treat Tungsten Tailings?

2023-09-18 Xinhai Views (683)

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As a waste material produced in the extraction and processing process of tungsten ore, tungsten tailings recovery is also an important way to improve the utilization rate. Choosing the appropriate tailings treatment method can not recover valuable minerals, but also can reduce its impact on the environment. The specific techniques and methods of treating tungsten tailings can vary according to the ore composition, tailings characteristics and production requirements. The following will introduce four treatment methods of tungsten tailings, namely gravity separation, flotation separation, magnetic separation and hydrometallurgy.


(Flotation separation system)

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01Flotation separation method of tungsten tailings

Flotation technology is a commonly used method for recovering valuable minerals from the tailings. It involves adding reagents to the tailings so that specific minerals float while other minerals sink. This method allows for the effective recovery of tungsten minerals and other valuable components. Flotation can be used with special equipment such as flotation machine and pharmaceutical mixing system. In this method, the tailings are first treated with appropriate flotation reagents to prompt the attachment of bubbles to valuable tungsten minerals, allowing them to float to the surface while allowing unwanted gangue minerals or impurities to sink. The flotation tanks facilitate the separation process by providing a controlled environment that contributes to the selective attachment of the bubbles to the target mineral. This method is crucial for recovering valuable tungsten minerals from tailings, facilitating resource utilization and reducing environmental impacts in tungsten mineral processing operations.


(Gravity Separation Equipment)

02Gravity separation method of tungsten tailings

Gravity separation technology can effectively treat tungsten tailings, using gravity separation equipment such as shaker, jig and spiral chute. In this approach, the density difference between tungsten minerals and other gangue minerals is fully exploited to separate them. Tailings are sent into the equipment, where stratification effects by controlled shaking or centrifugal force cause heavier tungsten minerals to precipitate and collect, while lighter impurities minerals are washed away. This gravity-based approach provides an efficient and cost-effective way to recover valuable tungsten minerals from the tailings, helping to both save resources and protect the environment in tungsten mining operations.


(Magnetic Separation Machine)

03Magnetic separation method of tungsten tailings

when tungsten mine tailings contain magnetic minerals, magnetic separation can be adopted. Magnetic separators can be used to separate magnetic minerals from non-magnetic minerals. Tungsten ore tailings can be treated efficiently through magnetic separation technology and special equipment, such as magnetic rollers. In this method, the tailings are subjected to magnetic fields, making magnetic tungsten minerals adsorbed onto magnets and separate themselves from non-magnetic minerals. Magnetic separation technology can effectively recover valuable tungsten minerals from tailings, and it is an efficient and resource-saving method.

04Hydrometallurgy treatment of tungsten tailings

Chemical methods can also be used to extract tungsten from tailings, among which the more common method is hydrometallurgy treatment, and the tailings are treated by acid or other chemical substances to dissolve and recover tungsten. When treating tailings by hydrometallurgy, special equipment such as leaching tank and solvent extraction device is needed for effective treatment. In hydrometallurgy treatment, after the tailings are dissolved by acid or other solvents, the valuable tungsten minerals can be extracted. The immersion tank contributes to the dissolution of tungsten minerals, while the solvent extraction device helps to separate the dissolved tungsten from the remaining gangue minerals.


(Mineral Processing Technology)

The above are four processing methods of tungsten tailings, and the selection of appropriate processing technology and methods of tungsten tailings depends on the specific characteristics of tungsten tailings and the target of processing operation. After the above treatment, the tailings also need to go through concentration and dehydration and other steps to further improve the grade of concentrate. Practice and safety measures are required to reduce the environmental impact of treating tungsten tailings. Xinhai Mining suggested to conduct beneficiation test analysis, determine the nature of tailings and combine the specific production requirements, and design appropriate tailings treatment methods to improve the utilization rate of resources.



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