Iron Ore Processing Technology and Equipment

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With the development of social economy, the consumption of iron ore, like other mineral products, is increasing. As the variety of available iron ore continues to increase, the grade of its target minerals is getting lower and lower. Therefore, there is often an increasing shortage of high-quality iron powder. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the mineral processing index of iron ore and improve the utilization rate of ore. There are four main types of iron ore suitable for mineral processing: magnet ore, weakly magnetic iron ore, mixed iron ore, and multi-metal symbiotic composite iron ore. The multi-metal symbiotic composite iron ore is no different from the first three iron ores. Its unique feature is that it is accompanied by a large amount of recyclable metal or non-metallic minerals. The following will introduce you to the above-mentioned iron ore processing methods and equipment commonly used in the ore beneficiation process.

Magnetic separation technology

(Magnetic separation technology)

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01Main Iron ore processing methods

(1) Magnetite ore processing: Magnetite mainly refers to ores with an iron content of more than 85% in the form of magnetic iron. For this kind of ore, a single magnetic separation method is often used to obtain good technical and economic indicators. Magnetite is the main part processed in iron ore concentrators.

(2) Weakly magnetic iron ore processing:This type of ore mainly refers to minerals such as hematite, pseudohematite, siderite, etc. The total iron content of these minerals accounts for more than 85% of the iron content of the ore, and magnets Mineral content is less. The development and utilization of weakly magnetic iron ore requires beneficiation processing. Since this type of ore is difficult to select and the processing technology is complicated, different beneficiation processes need to be adopted based on the embedded particle size and physical and chemical properties of useful minerals. Commonly used mineral separation methods mainly include: gravity separation, flotation, strong magnetic separation, roasting magnetic separation and a combination of multiple methods.

Iron ore flotation technology

(Iron ore flotation technology)

(3) Mixed iron ore processing: Magnetic iron minerals and weakly magnetic iron minerals both occupy a certain proportion in this type of iron ore. The main methods for sorting this type of ore include: roasting magnetic separation, weak magnetic separation, strong magnetic separation, and flotation-gravity separation. Multiple methods are often used in combined processes.

(4) Multi-metal symbiotic composite iron ore processing: When processing this type of ore, a joint beneficiation process is generally used. Due to the different types and contents of associated minerals in such ores, the mineral processing methods and process structures used need to be appropriately adjusted.

ball mill

(ball mill)

02Commonly used equipment for iron ore processing

(1) Crushing equipment: In line with the purpose of saving energy and reducing consumption, improving economic benefits and the principle of crushing more and grinding less, the crushing equipment commonly used in iron ore mainly includes jaw crusher, rotary crusher, cone crusher and high-pressure roller mill. Machine etc.

(2) Grinding equipment: Iron ore grinding equipment mainly uses ball mills. When using ball mills, appropriate equipment specifications, grinding media, equipment structural performance, etc. should be selected. At the same time, the grinding equipment should be adapted to the configuration of the process flow to improve the efficiency of mineral processing.

(3) Fine particle screening and classification equipment: High-frequency vibrating screens are widely used in the iron ore upgrading and impurity reduction process. High-frequency vibrating screens can improve the efficiency of mineral processing and screening, improve the working efficiency of regrinding mineral processing equipment and reduce energy consumption.

(4) Magnetic separation equipment: Weak magnetic separation equipment, strong magnetic separation equipment, electromagnetic separation equipment and permanent magnet magnetic separation equipment can be used in the iron ore beneficiation process. Commonly used magnetic separation equipment include permanent magnet drum magnetic separator, dry magnetic separator and permanent magnet magnetic separator.

flotation equipment

(flotation equipment)

(5) Flotation equipment: Flotation equipment is widely used in iron ore beneficiation operations. Commonly used flotation equipment include mechanical agitation flotation machines, inflatable agitation flotation machines and inflatable flotation machines. The working efficiency of the flotation machine is mainly affected by the flotation machine tank iron structure, impeller shape, impeller speed, impeller diameter, etc.

(6) Filtration and dehydration equipment: Commonly used filtration and dehydration equipment in mineral processing plants mainly include filter presses, ceramic vacuum filters, and disc vacuum filters. Among them, the disc vacuum filter has the advantages of solid and reasonable structure, smooth operation of the filter disc, automatic speed adjustment and strong stirring.

The above content is a brief introduction to iron ore processing methods and commonly used equipment. Since there are many types of iron ore in nature and the particle sizes of useful ore components are different, mineral processing test analysis is needed to determine the composition and properties of the ore in order to customize a reasonable iron ore mineral processing plan and select efficient mineral processing equipment. Suitable mineral processing technology and equipment can improve the recovery rate of concentrate and the economic benefits of the mineral processing plant.



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