What Are the Collectors for Ilmenite Flotation?

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Titanium is an important strategic resource in my country. There are differences in density, magnetism, electrical properties, surface physical chemistry and other properties between ilmenite and other minerals. Therefore, it can be selected through gravity separation, magnetic separation, electric separation and flotation. Different, but for fine-grained ilmenite, flotation is the main method. For ilmenite flotation, the key is the selection and use of flotation agents. This article focuses on the introduction of ilmenite flotation collectors.

Ilmenite collectors mainly include conventional collectors such as fatty acid collectors, hydroxamic acid collectors, phosphonic acid collectors, benzylarsinic acid collectors, etc., and new combination collectors. Two kinds of agents.

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01Ilmenite flotation fatty acid collector

Fatty acid collectors are mainly divided into oleic acid and its salts, tar oil, oxidized paraffin soap, etc. They have good collection effects and are cheap and easy to obtain. However, they also have strong collection properties for gangue and are not suitable for ferrotitanium. The selectivity of ore is poor, so this type of collector is suitable for flotation of ilmenite with simple gangue types.

agents for ore beneficiation test

02Ilmenite flotation hydroxamic acid collector

Hydroxamic acid collectors have good mineral selectivity and collection ability, and industrial production has achieved good flotation indicators, but the cost of chemicals is high. The mechanism of action of hydroxamic acid can be roughly divided into two types from the perspective of complex chemistry: one is the isomer hydroxamic acid bonds with metal ions on the mineral surface through O-O bonds to form a five-membered ring chelate; the other is hydroxyxime The N and O atoms in the acid are adsorbed on the mineral surface to form a four-membered ring chelate.

03Ilmenite flotation phosphonic acid collector

The flotation effect of ilmenite with phosphonic acid collector is better than that of sodium oleate. Styrene phosphonic acid is the most commonly used phosphonic acid collector with strong collection ability and low toxicity. However, its high cost makes it difficult to use in industry. 

ore beneficiation test

04Benzylarsonic acid collector for ilmenite flotation

Arsinate is a good chelating group for ilmenite and has good collection performance and selectivity for ilmenite. Benzylarsinic acid is currently the best arsenic acid collector for flotation of ilmenite. collector, but due to the toxicity of benzylarsinic acid, it is difficult to be applied in production. The infrared spectrum measurement results before and after the interaction between benzylarsinic acid and ilmenite show that titanium benzylarsinate and iron benzylarsinate are generated on the surface of ilmenite. The adsorption form is mainly chemical adsorption, supplemented by physical adsorption.

05New combination collector for ilmenite flotation

The new combination collector is a combination of the synergistic effect and the advantages of multiple agents. It combines good selectivity and collection ability, can obtain better selection indicators than a single collector, and the cost of the agent is also greatly reduced. . There are MOS, LN, MPF series, etc.

reagents for ore flotation

MOS collector: Using sulfuric acid as the regulator and MOH as the collector, better titanium concentrate can be obtained.

LN collector: This series is a new collector containing polar groups synthesized from organic raw materials such as fatty acids, alcohol amine organic matter, acid anhydride and sulfonation. This series of collectors has strong chemical adsorption on the surface of ilmenite, which is beneficial to the separation between ilmenite and gangue.

MPF collector: It is reasonably formulated from five types of reagents: A, B, C, D and E. Each of the five types of reagents has its own advantages in separation effect and has a synergistic effect with each other, which can ensure the flotation of ilmenite. It not only has high recovery rate, but also can obtain titanium concentrate grade with high economic indicators.

test for ore beneficiation

The above are the types of collectors commonly used in ilmenite beneficiation plants. How to choose and the dosage should be determined based on the mineral processing test analysis to effectively obtain the ideal ilmenite concentrate and iron ore.



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