What Should Notice When Processing Altered Rock Type Gold Mineral?

2023-03-25 Xinhai Views (1051)

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Altered rock type gold mineral is one of important ore deposits. The embedded particle size of gold in this type of gold mineral is uniform and contains a certain amount of coarse-grain gold. When separating, concentrators mostly apply flotation process, gravity-flotation process, flotation-concentrates cyanination process because of wide particle range. For this kind of gold mineral beneficiation, there are 6 aspects should be notice to improve its beneficiation efficiency. The following will introduce these aspects one by one.


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01Improve recovery rate of coarse-grain gold in deposit

The gold minerals are embedded uniformly in altered rock type gold mine. A certain amount of coarse-grain gold is embedded in the ores. And this part of gold should be recovered as early as possible. Therefore, jig machines can be deployed at the ore discharge part of grinding process to recover the coarse-grain gold. The recovery rate can be up to 30% and the technology index of beneficiation plant can be also improved.


02Recover easy-float gold-bearing mineral earlier

The gold minerals and gold-bearing mineral in altered rock type gold mineral are easy to flotation. Difference of their floatability may be huge. Sometimes minerals in same ore body has huge floatability difference. As for this condition, concentrators can take advantage of the floatability difference to recover easy-float gold or gold-bearing mineral as soon as possible. The priority coarse separation process can be deployed to improve beneficiation index.


03Improve recovery rate of fine-grain poor-floatabillity gold-bearing mineral  

Except for the above methods, to improve gold recovery rate, the recovery of fine-grain poor-floatabillity gold ore gold-bearing mineral should be paid attention to in ore beneficiation process. According to statistic data, the flotation process recovery rate of gold concentrator plant applied gravity-flotation process flow accounts for about 70% of total recovery rate. The next-step flotation separation recovery rate of gold concentrator plant applied priority coarse beneficiation process flow accounts for 30% of total recovery rate. It has a big influence on total recovery rate. Thus, it should take measures to recover fine-grain poor-floatability gold-bearing mineral efficiently, such as improving beneficiation flow, agent regulation and operational condition,etc.


04Reduce gold mineral tailings grade

Although the gold-bearing ores of altered rocks have good selectivity, the beneficiation recovery index is also relatively high. However, under different actual scenarios, the tailings grade gap is relatively large, and it can be further reduced between 0.25 and 0.75 g/ton. The basic way to reduce the grade of tailings should take comprehensive measures to improve the beneficiation process, operating conditions, technical management, technical operation, and treatment of coarse-grained, fine-grained, poorly floatable gold and gold-bearing minerals recycling.


05Strengthen comprehensive recovery of useful minerals

Among the gold ore of altered rocks, the main gold-bearing minerals are generally pyrite and chalcopyrite. The recovery of gold minerals is accompanied by the recovery of pyrite and chalcopyrite. In order to make full use of the resources, in the process of mineral processing, if the copper grade reaches a certain degree, the copper and sulfur can be separated, and the gold and copper concentrate and gold and sulfur concentrate can be selected respectively.


06Conduct metal balance management

As the comprehensive quality index of concentrator, metal balance is an important standard to measure the production management, technical management, quality management, equipment management and worker operation level of concentrator. In order to improve the technical index of mineral processing, the management of metal balance must be strengthened. Calculate the raw ore quantity and output concentrate quantity of the access plant, and measure the grade of raw ore, concentrate and tailings. Reduce the measurement and test error, accurate sampling. Strict processing, for the preparation of the metal balance table, strengthen the metal balance management to lay a reliable scientific foundation.

The above are six aspects that need to be paid attention to in beneficiation of altered rock gold-bearing deposits. In the actual beneficiation production, the economic benefit of the concentrator is directly related to the technical index. On the basis of the mineral processing process, the practical operation and other factors are also very important. Therefore, Xinhai suggests that in the daily management of the concentrator, attention should be paid to the changes of various indicators, and timely reasonable control and adjustment.



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